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  1. A few surprises in there for mine. 1- Mick Malthouse still has a job in the media. 2- Mick Malthouse didn’t have the Dees for the wooden spoon. 3- Surprised any expert picked us to make the eight quite frankly. Just a much better and safer option to pick another team. Don’t get me wrong I think we can and should make the eight but I am certainly not putting any money on it.
  2. There’s only one player on our list I am worried about losing this year and he’s not a free agent. If we have another garbage year and Oliver leaves that will be me pretty much done and dusted I think.
  3. Sorry I can’t recall the exact use of the word, but it definitely sent a shiver down my spine. Other than that I liked the sound of him, he wants to carry on wearing number 50. I really hope it works out for both him and the club.
  4. Just interviewed on SEN, the word learning was mentioned he’s going to fit right in at Melbourne.
  5. Just curious if you can explain the long game part at all. Does this mean where trying to free up salary cap space and target free agents or looking at bringing in more draft picks? Given the club has been so bullish on our list over the last 18 months, I am interested in what this plan is.
  6. The clubs being pro active in anticipation of Oliver leaving next year.
  7. There’s know doubt finances have played a big part in the outcomes of the review old dee. One of my worries is what happens if we don’t make finals next year, how can Pert sack Goodwin and not go himself after his review has clearly identified there are major issues with Goodwins coaching. Next year is the biggest year I can remember for this club.
  8. DeeSpencer I will give you a little support on this. While I wouldn’t be trading Weiderman out for a second round pick I would certainly be open to put him in a package to get another top line on baller. I mentioned it in the Zac Merrett thread that I would look at Weiderman and a pick to get him with Brown coming to the Dees and I would still do that. I am really scared with our coach and a forward line consisting of Brown, Weiderman, Melksham and Fritsch how quickly we’ll organised clubs will have the ball rebounding out of our forward line.
  9. Well I am certainly not surprised by the results of the review but I am far from impressed with the outcomes of it. I mean at what point does a coach in his fourth year on the back of three years of a succession plan by a premiership coach feel the heat. Improvements in game plan, performance consistency and skill execution all seem to fall under the coaches watch all with an improving list. I have no faith in anyone making any important decisions at this club.
  10. Travis Boak won the Port Adelaide B and F in 2019.
  11. Wiseblood, I have know issue what’s so ever with Bartlett setting the bar high I actually like it. My issues are more around either the club is overrating the list or we are massively underachieving. With three extensive reviews in 18 months I would like to think we are all over what is wrong but I don’t think we are. If both Goodwin and JM are at the club next year I will have zero faith in the direction of the club. I personally feel we are a 5-8 placed team and not that far away from some of the top four but miles away from challenging for the premiership.
  12. I am starting to really worry about our club. The president thinks where a top four club yet we finished second last in 2019 and ninth this year, three reviews in 18 months and we think it’s the assistant coaches fault.
  13. My picture was no good on 107 then turned Foxtel off and much better on CH70 on free to air.
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