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  1. Yeah agree, Gary Lyon was very quick to mention that there young key position players would be wanting more than him on their next contracts.
  2. I think he will be at another club next year. I can’t see us offering him more than a one year deal, while I think another club will offer two maybe three years.
  3. While I think he is a very good player and will be good for Carlton that is crazy money if true. I think he mentioned that GWS’s offer was 700 - 750k per year, they must have a lot of players on minimum wages.
  4. What email did you send it to? I will be sending a letter also.
  5. Seriously if he didn’t have a contract there’s no way he would be coaching us next year. If the board and CEO did there job correctly there should be enough KPI’s in his contract that the payout is not that bad.
  6. I get what your saying but I was under the impression that all COVID fines are just reductions in the clubs coaching soft cap for next year. Either way I still think the club just needs to get rid of him.
  7. If he has just cost us $50 grand out of our soft cap for next year and gets a one year deal, no words could describe how angry I will be at the club.
  8. Bloody hell the Bulldogs throws give me the [censored]. Fyfe is a bloody good player.
  9. If we didn’t have so many other issues in our forward line I would consider it but we do so I probably wouldn’t.
  10. So the Bulldogs match is still in play for finals, so tv ratings will be much better.
  11. Not many game day threads when you can say the AFL would actually want us to win. Given what’s on the line today given that Essendon have hardly won a game for months my MFCSS tells me Stringer, Daniher and Tippa will all have massive games we don’t turn up and lose easily.
  12. What a putrid start by GWS, look like there already on the plane.
  13. I will be very surprised and happy but most importantly be thankful that WA has their border shut so I don’t waste a few grand flying over to watch us not turn up again.
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