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  1. It’s nice for a change it not being us playing an interstate team on Mother’s Day while also being a bloody average team.
  2. It’s staggering. On another note if Clarkson coaches Hawthorn to another premiership he’s going to be a very long term coach because they are miles off contending again.
  3. Only seen the last five minutes of the qtr and it was horrific. The panic and lack of work rate is very alarming.
  4. Starting the season four zip is amazing and I am not going to say we haven’t beaten anyone because I personally feel there is generally only one really bad team in North. So any win is a good win but to be honest I still don’t think we have played that well yet this year. Yes our pressure was really good today and yes there are improvements from last year but we still have lots to improve on if we are going to play and win finals.
  5. Intensity has been pretty good, we should be further in front though blew some very easy chances.
  6. Well having read that I am now concerned. So the current board anticipate a board challenge at the end of the year so they think getting rid of the President will stop that, Crazy. I look forward to more details coming out before I fully unload.
  7. Am I the only one who is surprised why GC v Carlton is on free to air while Collingwood v GWS is on Fox.
  8. In my opinion any time Essendon lose it’s a great result. If we want to be a good side this year we shouldn’t need to be worried about other results in round four.
  9. Bloody average game, poor umpiring but great result.
  10. Well what a great start to the season, in my opinion we haven’t played great footy in any of the matches but we have won and in previous seasons these are the matches we lose and they cost us, where still very much in the season and that is a big tick. Still lots to work on and we better improve quickly if where to compete against the best teams. Oliver had one of his worst games ever, for such a good player he still has so much room for improvement and I can not believe he or any player doesn’t wear a mouth guard.
  11. Great goal, what an absolute rubbish commentary team we have for this.
  12. Another garbage game, watching Essendon have a big win and now possibly Carlton just reminds me of how much I despise both teams.
  13. If we are slightly off against one of the better teams this season it’s going to be painful viewing.
  14. Liam Ryan is such a good player to watch.
  15. This is embarrassing stuff from St Kilda, it would be great viewing if it was not against Essendon.
  16. Always good to see Collingwood lose after the siren even better and seriously ruck-men are so overrated it’s not funny.
  17. Pretty average game, Brisbane are looking poor fingers crossed they can turn it around.
  18. Agree, the club is going to get plenty of chances this season to play in must win matches and this is one of them. No excuses we just have to win this week.
  19. If I was a gambling person I would be loading up on GWS next week. Yet to win played poorly, kicked at goal poorly, Melbourne will be favourites and expected to win which means they are almost certainties.
  20. Well a big improvement on last week, still plenty to work on but we again beat a team who we needed to if we are to make finals. I am not really a fan of ANB, Tomlinson and particularly Goodwin but they all had good nights. And I can’t believe there are so many people who think Oliver would be easily replaced, the guys a freak and still has improvement to come.
  21. My heart just missed a beat what was Oliver thinking very lucky
  22. Great to see us turn momentum around in the qtr very unusual for us. Lever and Tomlinson on key forwards is a worry for me. Max is looking lost at the moment, hopefully he can find his mojo quickly.
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