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  1. Country boy. So gifted with amazing talent. May your family have all the support and love they need. Loved watching you play. Thanks for the light in some dark times as a supporter. Thanks for the smile. Still can’t believe it. RIP Colin.
  2. Almost have to agree but I would have 1. Raising of the flag at the start of the game 2. White board Wednesday 3. The trumpeter
  3. I’d love for Sydney to swoop in and stuff Freo. The lulz would be epic. Couldn’t get Clark done and now they stuff Hogan deal.
  4. If there is anyone with a priority one barcode and can’t get to GF I’d absolutely be over the moon. Today you should have received an email from the club identifying your priority level with instructions for GF ballot please pm me if you're willing.
  5. I understand the premise of the podcast and I love it by the way listen religiously. But when Brad defended Bails a couple of times in the interview saying he shouldn’t of been sacked I think he even called it a travesty I’d of liked a little more depth about 186 seeing as though it was so pivotal I’d just like to better understand 2 things from Brad’s perspective. How and why. It might not be the objective of the podcast I get it. But it’s what I would have asked.
  6. Round 15 he says we started to dive sound about right to me it was certainly not long after the bye. I don't know if it was mental fatigue, hubris, or injuries catching up. But I think even statistically we started to implode around this time. There is something very definite to work on there and should be a main focus for preseason. Let's make sure we don't repeat this failure again.
  7. We are pretenders So very upset My faith is broken disappointed as usual
  8. I want answers and accountability I'm owed a [censored] apology based on what I saw today. I want these arrogant non achievers to stand up and explain why after 11 years of [censored] hell they think they can show up and show us no [censored] respect.
  9. What farkin bunch of heartless farks what the fark do I pay money for a farked piece of shite like this
  10. Christ imagine if we played their first string side. Where is the defensive aspect to our game. I'd pay my house if we could stick a bloody tackle.
  11. Garbage sides do lose to freo at home and Norf twice Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  12. Anyone who thinks that not playing finals this year is a success is deluded. With what position we were in 5 weeks ago our down turn has been stark we have ran into a wall and so far the players and coaches have shown no ability to change the trajectory. We won't go anywhere next year if we can't show the mental application of re-establishing form in season when we're up against it. The next 3 games are a must they need to be convincing and now we rely on other results going our way which should never of happened for finals. I don't know about others but I have had enough of
  13. What's sad is it's come to this we had our destiny in our own hands. There was no excuse losing to Norf and a team full of desperation hoping to make its way into finals for the first time in 10 years doesn't allow an 8 goal run against a depleted giants. Based on form and the downward trajectory were on I don't give us much of a chance against saints. When we don't have anything left to play for w will show up against Lions and Pies.
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