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  1. Fair enough. BUT, once again, my statements are linked to anti-semitism (HTF?). Seriously, you guys are projecting, and it's hard to believe it's not for a purpose unrelated to my post. The anti-aborigine sentiment that you talk about is also being ascribed to my post by you. FGS. It's fine to say the Irish drink too much grog, the English are whiners, and the Yanks are all stupid, but pigeon-hole four guys at our football club who are way under par at the moment, and put the kibosh on two others who will add nothing more - god help you. Now you're a Hitler supporter, and now you endorse the treatment of Aborigines by the 'white man' on their arrival 200 years ago. Jesus, I'm pretty sure WJ also linked me to the Bosnian Moslem's massacre. Is there any chance that the comments I made could be taken for what they were? Probably not, it's just too tasty a treat for people to pass up.
  2. What more than the qualities that these guys give our football club did I comment on?
  3. Well done RR. Like that was serious. It was an initial attempt to settle people down who decided my post was racist. You've managed to make even that obvious (and let's be honest, it's bloody obvious) attempt at humour a stage for you to let everyone know how politically correct you are. I deleted my name as a prelude to the obvious banning from this site I'm about to get. I leave with regrets, as I liked being a part of this site, but with nowhere near the shame as you should have for being such a fraud.
  4. A ridiculous over-reaction with the aim of grandstanding yourself as politically correct. Bringing Hitler into the thread to incite your Jewish mates is pathetic. My comments were entirely about the style of football played by our indigenous contingent, and nothing more. You and several others here have decided that's racist. Well good on you. As previously stated, I think Aaron Davey is fantastic, and I hope he has a better year with a real role and a game plan. I hope Jurrah does the same. I also got stuck into Sylvia's behaviour, but he obviously doesn't fit the indigenous group, which doesn't fit your racist argument, so that hasn't been mentioned. Convenient for you. Edit: By the way... Trying to tie my comments to the mistreatment of aborigines by the 'white man' (of whom I'll guess you're a part) is also a disgraceful twisting of my comments. Who do you think you are? You've made so much more out of my original post than I ever intended, and you've done so to make yourself look good.
  5. I don't want him at the club. Most others here don't want him either. Our coaching staff and recruiters don't want him. At least I have the balls to say why.
  6. It was about being [censored] up and driving a car and then leaving the scene of an accident the night before an international representative training day. I presume though, you're intimating that my criticism of some of our indigenous players doesn't fit with the latte-sipping pseudo-intellects here who have no experience with the topic. Hooray for you. They're saved!
  7. Nice argument, except Lance Franklin's from Pakistan. And they're no good either!
  8. The last thing this club needs is another flashy, undisciplined, skinny player to whom we are obliged to show the greatest empathy and support every time he wants to p!ss off home because the big mean coaches at MFC are trying to get him to be accountable defensively. Would not last a heartbeat under our new coaching regime.
  9. I went down to training for a while. Only stayed for the running part. Bate is looking strong and may have even slimmed down a touch. Very fit. Maybe someone has had a word in his ear about the midfield role as others here have suggested. Good luck Bater! Agree with others on Blease and Gys; I don't think people are having a whinge or expressing surprise - It's just an observation. They are both really struggling with the running. Gysberts does seem to recover and do okay in the ball work sessions once the running is finished though, I think he's just not a great runner. I'm sure he'll improve though. I haven't watched Blease as closely. Watts looks very fit and is doing the running pretty easily. Maybe a wing or a flank for him this year? Trengove looks to have added a bit of muscle, and is also getting through the running sessions well. Everything else I saw has been mentioned by others or myself in the last training thread.
  10. I'm happy about picking up this big fella. Good luck to him. I read in full, the draft meeting article on the MFC website. At one point, it was reported that Neeld asked Turnbull about a mature age player - "so will he be ready to go in round one against Brisbane?". They must have been referring to Sellar. Surely... That says to me that Neeld is going to alter our game plan and outlook significantly. He is stacking our forward line with size. It also says that the young bloke we picked at 52 was rated (as much as a pick 52 can be) by our footy department. Great stuff.
  11. He concedes that the Giants franchise comes in with a big advantage but he also believes that the proof will be in the pudding and much will depend on how recruits are brought into the system, how the transition from junior football to an elite club is made and how well they are coached and mentored. Thanks for that summary WJ. I agree strongly with the line I have quoted you on above. To go a step further, I have some hope that we have players already in our team who will surprise us with their improvement next year for the same reason. If Neeld and co are as good as we hope they are, we may already have the team that can take us to a premiership. We won't die wondering if we had enough good draft picks to build it.
  12. I went today - first time ever... The running session was brutal. Believe me I know - I used to be a 400m runner. Punishing session. Observations on the running: Trengove did really well. He's not a natural runner, but just gutsed his way in front of Bail on every rep. That kid has something inside him - I think it's captaincy material. Bail was good too, as was Jones. Howe was excellent, he looks the most like a track athlete out of anyone at the club. Martin has an inefficient running style but is so bloody strong and wilful that he easily makes up for it. Gysberts needs a heap of work. He is gutsy though. He was absolutely farked half way through the session but continued to push himself. He is going to improve out of sight under this new regime. There were back slaps and bum taps flying all over the place between the rep 300s. Trengove and Nicholson (who also ran very well) were big talkers. The groups: Forwards: Watts, Martin, Dunn, Howe (who has endurance and speed that I think might belong on a wing), one of the Mc's (I can never remember them all - not Joel or Jordy though). Rehab: Clark, Davey, Grimes, Jordy Mc, Tappy, Gawn, Fitzy, Neville Mids: BATE!!! Gysberts, Trengove, Bartram (ran well too), Bail, Beamer, Jones Backs: Other side of the ground - so presumably the rest. The non-playing staff: Neeld - spent most of the time where players were running having a kick of the footy with someone really short who I did not know. Once the ball exercises started though, he was all over them like a rash. Physically providing contests (to an extent), telling them to move move move, etc. Hands on coach. I like. Misson - extremely organised and very clear to the players on what's required. Not hard-assed verbally; he let his program do the talking. Garry Lyon - laconic, confident, happy, wearing thongs (on feet). Got around to a few supporters for a quick chat to each. In quick chat to me seemed happy we have the right things going on at the club, and aren't the boys working hard?! Royal - merciless in the handball skill game. Told the group as a whole that some of the work they were doing was [censored]. Gave good instruction though. All in all - enjoyed watching my first training session. We're going to have a different team to watch. I'm Big Kev! I'm a bit bored now. Questions welcome, but it was a lot to take in.
  13. Directly over the road - $6. Not Punt Road, the other one...
  14. Thanks Beeze, Did that. Rang the club. You're right, all over the place. Apparently at this time of year we just have to watch the club website.
  15. Thanks for that post. If you want to put it into perspective; how many reps are we talking? B/c if it's 10 - that's really poor. If it's 20 - that's really good. Thanks for info again. Edit: Really good = 1 min 4 sec group. Not the others. 1min 14 secs for a 300m is a canter. You'd want to be doing 30 reps to make that acceptable at this level of sport. 1 min 25 secs is a brisk walk. Not a good look.
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