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  1. exactly.. nobody saw us after tyson last season. im sure they are working on things in the background, with absolutely no need for it to hit the media
  2. GONNNNNEEEEE... bucks just smirked.. signed sealed and delivered
  3. i'm sorry that what?... it clearly meant to say "you owe us one"
  4. are you that big of a toss? sure it wasn't what i meant, but old grammar nazi over here
  5. but jordan bannister is umpiring us again, so there will be shockers
  6. "Sandringham Dragons midfielder Angus Brayshaw stamped his authority on the match with 23 touches (eight contested), five clearances, six inside-50s and one goal, as well as amassing a staggering 690 metres gained." please and thankyou
  7. have watched 2 mins of the vic m vs wa game. Brayshaw has hit a 40m lace out pass on his left from a center clearance, snapped a goal, then got a free at the centerbounce. Didnt like what i saw from pickett, was standing side by side with brayshaw at about the 50m arc with a stoppage 20 out from goal, brayshaw ran to get the handpass and kicked the goal, pickett let brayshaw get goal side, trailed him and chased and laid a late tackle. We dont need that type of player, even if its a lapse, its the lapses that cost you in the end. hopefully there is footage of it in brayshaws highlights, really didnt like it from a potential top 10 pick.
  8. Morabito anyone? Is back from injury, big bodied midfielder with alot of potential, yes he has had knee reco's but the kid can play. Lyon is refusing to play the kid after 5-6 weeks of dominant form in the wafl, we could offer a starting 22 spot and a licence to thrill, worth a shot imo
  9. Nicholson gives away a stupid free, then 50. 10 gone C 0.0.0 v BH 1.2.8 Iles missed a sitter
  10. Casey kicking with a very strong wind in the first quarter.. Box hill not letting us get any free ball.. C 0.0.0 v BH 1.1.7 Simpkin goals
  11. With what Roos said today re: acquiring 2-3 classy midfielders. I can't really see us holding onto our first pick. Looks like it's going to be in the 4-8 range, and it'll be gone before we know it. I think roos doesn't need another young 18yr old midfielder. We have the makings of a young mid brigade, and he will move heaven and earth to bring in a class 20-25yr old mid. He likes big bodied mids, that can run all day, hence why toumpas is learning his craft at casey, we don't need another 18 yr old doing laps at casey.
  12. With 14 mins to go, Cross 30, Tyson 27, Cross 26.. shows why we got them, and they are at least finding the pill. Our balluse will improve, Looking foward to round 1
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