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  1. Definitely delays the play and let’s Swans stack the goal square. 50 IMO. Suffer Dimma😂
  2. It was a bloody good game, but with that ending, suspect most talk will be about umpiring. Personally, not knowing rules, I think that should have been a 50!
  3. McCartin lucky then, would have tied it up
  4. Stupid, stupid play by Grimes - gifts Buddy his 5th
  5. It’s the prohibitive contact frees most seem bothered with
  6. Gil should [censored] off now and take Scott with him. Seriously, the umpiring is making this sport hard to watch, that prohibitive contact against Rioli is a joke, not seen anything like the last two rounds. That is Scott and Gil’s handiwork, clowns should go
  7. An NT team could have remarkably positive social benefits, the positive local role models, a chance to play top level AFL without leaving home and the inspiration this could provide helping keep kids off the streets and even in school could be massive- making tax spend on team justifiable
  8. No he is not, it is a short paragraph in a long article.
  9. He made no excuses but it’s irrelevant on this topic
  10. Krakeour: ”There were some incidents that happened when I was at Collingwood and when I feel the time is right I will elaborate. Everyone is on their own journey and my brother Heritier Lumumba is doing that now and I respect and support him”
  11. I am 47 years old and I can’t recall us ever being two games clear at the top of the ladder in that time. Go the wees and poos..
  12. This game in Tassie has been the scene of some of the worst umpiring I have ever seen, a number of off the ball free kicks that wouldn’t be paid in U/12’s. There is no excuse, these umpires are just not good enough.
  13. Payback is a genuine thing in indigenous culture we owe north 1 + 1 = 2
  14. This weekend we should be playing in Alice Springs, of all rounds, this should be played here
  15. Yet another example, one of so many, that Gil’s job performance is massively overrated and that his replacement must come from outside of his pathetic cronies.
  16. No mercy, let’s continue embracing indigenous culture and todays lesson can be on payback…
  17. So many examples of open dissent, so few actually paid…
  18. The Blues defence is why top 4 is their ceiling
  19. 16-6 frees I should not be surprised to see Carlscum make a preliminary final, I would be surprised if they went further this year
  20. Can’t say I am thrilled with Melksham being the in, but I can say I am thrilled at the thought of him getting to 200 games.
  21. Love Spargo, desperation personified and great decision maker. That said, please don’t play for frees, you are better than that!
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