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  1. I hope this means Cornes knows Kozzy isn’t going anywhere. If not, I hope Kozzy is made aware how much Powers biggest fan was out to get him and he tells them to stick the offer up their [censored].
  2. Great summary. Unlucky timing (again it feels for this MFC supporter) with the current concussion spotlight but I’ve advocated for more emphasis to be on the act rather than the outcome for a long time. I think 1 or 2 is a fair result, and I think any more would be a grossly unfair distortion of the grading matrix. He needs to bump way more horizontal than in the upward trajectory this had.
  3. Added to the above, whoever Moore lines up on needs to keep him accountable so he can’t go third man up. Hawkins played him horribly last night.
  4. Respectfully I’d hope. Can’t imagine there would be any bad blood.
  5. Yeah, great news. They really have created something special. Great that we can celebrate their premiership tonight.
  6. I reckon the notion that it’s a significant experiment is grossly overstated. How is it so different to the Gawn/Jackson combo?
  7. All the Richmond and Carlton supporters who spent all yesterday convincing themselves that their teams were contenders got hit by a reality sledge hammer if they watched last night.
  8. Hawkins keeps taking his man close to other contests so his man can run off him and make impact. You’d think he’d learn but he keeps doing it.
  9. In other news, Australia all out for 188 😂😂
  10. I heard SOS was watching a VFL practice game as part of his role at St Kilda and didn't get to the G until about when the game started.
  11. I've been watching our round 23 game from last season. The one where we were up by 66 points at half time against the Lions and playing some great footy. If we play anywhere near that level, the Bulldogs don't stand a chance. Assuming Melksham who trained with the main squad at training today is the sub, the team changes from that night to tomorrow night are:- OUT: Hibberd, May, Hunt, Jackson, Viney, Fritsch, Jordon (came on as medi-sub for Jackson) IN: McVee, Tomlinson, Hunter, Grundy, Laurie, McDonald, Chandler I'm not going to try and mount a case either way as to which night was the better line-up because as far as I see it, it's really quite close.
  12. The market has now had almost 24 hours to react to the May news, so I can't see it changing without other significant changes to either team. Time to get used to the MFC having the reputation of being a bloody good footy team.
  13. Not with authority no, but from what some posters here say, I'm pretty sure whichever player has incriminating photos of Goody gets to select themselves.
  14. It will be interesting to see the pathway back to the seniors we use for Salem and Fritta who have now missed signifcant chunks of training. Viney and hopefully May you'd think would be fine to return straight back to the seniors, but will Salem and Fritsch be better off if we can nurse them through limited gametime at Casey to prepare them for full AFL games. If we struggle to score or rebound out of D50, we may feel a lot of pressure to rush them back, but I hope that's not the case.
  15. I think it's a case of Thommo is the natural replacement for May while Disco Turner is the natural replacement for Lever. Let's see how things go down back. The criticism of Thommo in the practice game against St Kilda has been incredibly overblown.
  16. Hopefully tonight ends the calls by some in the media to completely scrap all practice games before the season starts.
  17. It was like some of the highlights that come out of the European Cricket League. What a comedy of errors. A draw was fitting.
  18. Only just started watching, but the most important thing out of this game is how the surface is holding up?
  19. Wow, if they pay that marking interference frees to us, we’ll kick 40 goals a game!
  20. Nice rant. This was done to death last year. If you look at attendace figures relative to teams supporter and membership bases, the MFC does outstandingly well.
  21. Putting the completely unavoidable nature of Salem's health issue and Fritsch's accidental foot stomp aside, if we want the luxury of protecting our elite players in the final 15 minutes of this years preliminary final, we need to train in a somewhat risky manner during the preseason.
  22. Based on 2022, Collingwood seems too high, so they obviously see a lot of improvement coming there. The real big surprises though are Gold Coast and Adelaide in 17th and 18th while they somehow have Hawks and North at 14th and 15th. West Coast up to 12th seems a big stretch also.
  23. That's one way to look at it. Another way is that it's only May coming out of the team that easily accounted for Richmond last week. Without Salem, Viney and Fritsch our defensive rebound and midfield output was still very good and the team put 121 points on the board on a hot and windy day at Casey.
  24. McVee would surprise very few, Laurie though a little bit more of a surprise. Hunter and Grundy confirmed starters also which we all knew. Good luck to them all.
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