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  1. I saw that as well. My theory was that she is here for the VFLW season which kicks off very soon.
  2. It appeared Baker stood over McVee when he got pinged for HTB and Gawn took exception to that. Baker certainly then appeared to be claiming his innocence so it may have been a case of mistaken intentions. I watched after they game and every Melbourne player warmly embraced him including Trac who made a beeline for him after doing a media interview. Certainly didn’t seem any ill will between Gawn and Sauce.
  3. And that would be just as idiotic as the people on here that blame our poor performances on our 15-30th ranked players that cost nothing in the scheme of things when it’s really the top 10 paid players not performing that are the problem. If the Bulldogs supporters have any sense, all their anger will be directed at the club for chasing and investing heavily in Lobb, a player who isn’t what they needed, and that’s not even mentioning his long term flakiness.
  4. I'm not sure if leading the public witch hunt for Pickett will do much to endear Port to Pickett or Picketts family.
  5. That little bawk(?) was a thing of beauty. Very subtle but it totally wrong footed Libba who just dropped his head knowing he had been beaten.
  6. I'm too yound to have any meaningful memories of Brian Wilson, but he was my late father's favourite player of that era. Great story and well done MFC.
  7. Kane Cornes and David King are the loudest voices I’ve heard that wanted more, ignoring that two weeks for a no actual harm incident is a huge leap forward for something that not long ago would have been thrown out for insufficient force. Whateley and Damien Barrett are two big profiles that think it’s a fair outcome.
  8. Good decision by the club I feel. I’m sure there are several past players struggling with concussion related life issues and that are part of the current legal action that the MFC would also feel some responsibility for. Unlucky for Kozzy and us that he is the first but it it well past time that the potential outcome of actions are looked at as well as just the outcome. It wasn’t that long ago that the match day report would have been thrown out for insufficient force. I think 2 weeks is a good starting point for a first offender for such an incident now. Just hope they also start to treat deliberate head punches and elbows just as seriously such as the [censored] we saw by the repeat offender Cotchin a few weeks ago.
  9. I listened with bated breath to hear Dammo’s take on the Kozzy incident, expecting more of the hysteria coming out of the likes of Kane Cornes and David King. Very surprised to hear him (and Josh Gabelich) say he was happy with it although he mused it could be challenged by Melbourne to lower it to one week. They were also very positive with the Grawndy performance and Dammo had Trac 5th best overall for the round in his Daily MVP votes (which he then ruined by giving Chad Warner 1st best).
  10. Played well all game but his first quarter especially was brilliant. If any of our younger defenders may have been anxious without Steve May, they would have been greatly reassured that the system would stand up with the way Lever played. It definitely reassured me 😂👍
  11. Bulldogs invest heavily in a forward/reluctant ruckman when they really needed a genuine ruck backup for English who can drift forward. Freo invest extremely heavily in a ruckman with very little forward craft and runs on the board based purely on potential when they desperately need a genuine tall forward or another key defender. So happy with the MFC list managers right now.
  12. A bottom 4 finish for Freo with LJ winning their B&F is fine with me too.
  13. 6 Gawn 5 Lever 4 Kozzy then it gets hard 3 Trac 2 Clarry 1 BBBB
  14. Re Sauce booing: Agree. All pantomime and in good fun and as a response to the Hunter booing. I think a lot of Melbourne supporters gave him a good cheer when he kicked his goal. And loved how we drowned out the booing. The dogs supporters seemed to lose interest after that.
  15. The AFL weren’t happy with it and changed the rules to reduce the possibility of the Cripps farce happening again.
  16. Definite micro-manager personality so no surprise.
  17. If not that, some more fleshing out how and why things were graded how they were.
  18. LJ has missed two gettable goals so good to see he is doing his bit to maximise our return.
  19. Two match balls got nicked by some enterprising young fans at the Hawks Bombers game. Ch7 chose to show it all to the world so every chance this will now be a thing.
  20. May will be back and he owns Buddy so all good.
  21. This is the change to the system that many aren’t taking into account and why we would be wasting our time and focus if we were to challenge.
  22. Fair result. Hope he keeps his natural aggression but keeps low and grounded when he bumps and avoids the late ones too.
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