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  1. Bradshaw was amazing. Defensive, rebounding and so solid. On the other side, we had langom who pressed for goals. But overall, Oliver was nuts. Set so much up. old dee, dr Dre- maybe time to follow Italy.
  2. That has to be win of the season. Petty was amazing, backs were so solid, mids were methodical and forwards kicked what they should.
  3. This is where the game was won.
  4. Agreed. It gets a bit tiresome and I have only been here for two days. I honestly do not know why some people follow the team. I get the frustration, the anger, the betrayal etc but people seem to openly welcome it. Strange.
  5. Dees to grind out a win. Hoping Harmes can have more of an impact- we need players like him running through the centre and banging goals from 50. As other posters have said, I don't expect too much from Brown, but he will take a player. The smalls should do well. Port playing very tall in the backline.
  6. Thanks jnrmac. I do agree with you- the drop in pressure has been significant. I think this thread can provide rational discussion that doesn't sink to bagging players for getting ahead of themselves or sack the coach comments, which seem to be frequent at the moment.
  7. Agree. We are also struggling to score quickly which can help shift momentum during the game. Scoreboard pressure is something we lack offensively!
  8. What absolute nonsense. The sky is falling mentality here is quite unbelievable and embarrassing. Pressure is a great stat to look at, and I agree that the drop is alarming. We have gone from a team being able to absorb pressure and springboard from there, to a position where we are struggling to maintain pressure and launch a counter attack. Not panic stations but definitely a concern that I am confident the coaches will be addressing.
  9. Agree with this for a couple of other posters who continuously pot the same players, coaches and the club generally. I wonder why they follow a club that they feel regularly lets them down. Surely life is too short and if people start to develop a resentment to the club the follow, find another sport? If footy no longer gives you pleasure regularly, why continue to follow?
  10. The difference between the top teams and everyone else is not a whole lot. On a bad day, anyone can be beaten. I trust the players and the coaches to come good soon.
  11. Viney will be back. Everyone seems a little off the boil, and plenty of speculation as to why. I hope they can rally this weekend and put up a more spirited effort. It's a long season, and despite not playing great footy, we are where we are which is unexpected. Doomsdayers must live miserable lives to be so pessimistic. We will bounce back.
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