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  1. 2007 was certainly amongst the worst, but yep, two of the worst three
  2. At worst, it comes out as a one-all draw for him. I guess the fact he won this one at the 'G in a 'normal' environment (i.e. with family allowed), he'll take it ahead of what could have been last year's one. Still thought it would have been more satisfying being part of a drought-winning team rather than a regular top 4 finisher.
  3. Nothing he would have said would have stopped the article being printed.
  4. If he was put on the spot, he would have been foolish to take the call. Whether he is innocent or guilty, either way, he would have been best positioned after this happened to seek legal advice about how the handle the situation. I'm sure this is exactly what he did.
  5. Reckon we'll probably get in Caracella if Yze leaves.. he's been involved with Geelong and Richmond flags, so has some pedigree..
  6. mmm.. he must be very aggrieved about the way he was forced out of the club. I've met and spoken to him a number of times and he's always been very very reasonable and courteous. I'm not like a lot of people here that will just take a dig at him. He did a lot of bloody good work at the club. The club had never been more stable, in my time following it, prior to his tenure. Seemed to eradicate the factions, or so it appeared. The list grew every year to the point where it's the best it's also been in my lifetime and we should expect more success going forward because of this. To be fair, best to see how things play out. He hasn't sued the club, he's sued the board members as individuals.
  7. On Footy Classified, Wilson said that if Yze gets the job, he'll try to take Mark Williams with him... Adem - you leave to take this role with our blessing. Don't steal our resources on the way out!
  8. My impression was the same. However, Neale actually got 29 possessions (2nd most on the field) and the highest AFL Fantasy Points on the ground (whatever that means). Still, the game was set up in the 1st half and surely with an 11 goal lead at half time, Melbourne players should have been 3/2/1 in that game.
  9. Howe is having a howler. Great to see.
  10. Watching the games this weekend has been awfully frustrating. We would have given Geelong a far better contest than Brisbane last night, not provided a training run. We were far more competitive against Sydney than Collingwood. Collingwood are only still in this game because of their unbelievable accuracy (bit like when they played us). Wish I wasn’t having visions of Melksham right now.
  11. Sadly it was more bad luck that an AFL conspiracy about our rough draw. As a top six side last year, we played one team that finished 7-12 and another that finished 13-18. They just happened to be Fremantle and Collingwood, both who improved more than anyone else this year. Each of these games just happened to be played in the second half of the season too, making it a fixture from hell, given we basically played finalists in about 9 of our last 12 games. We were the hunted, everyone wanted to beat us and primed themselves for us, and we never had an easy game at all after round 10. The three teams that weren’t finalists that we played were Carlton (in the eight when we played them), Port (who had a top 8 worthy second half of season) and Crows in Adelaide (who were very competitive near the end). You can understand why we were so banged up and fatigued now - Goodwin should have been resting players and rotating good performers in from Casey. Casey has lost one game all season! This is where we failed. On the other hand, Geelong played return games against WCE (7-12th) and North (13-18th). When the fixture came out, there was nothing to suggest return games against the Fremantle/Collingwood double would be a harder task than WCE/North. The other issue is our first 10 games were almost all played against average sides. We were lazy in most of them, allowed bad habits to slip in, relying on pure talent to play one or two good quarters to win most of them. Then when we got to 10-0, coming off a premiership, we knew we had secured a finals birth and most realised something would have to go majority wrong to miss top 4 from there (god forbid we almost did). Psychologically, this made the second half of the season against quality opposition difficult, knowing there wasn’t much to play for, to dedicate that extra 10% (which every other side was doing). We need to be smarter in 2023, looking at the season as a marathon and not a sprint, and properly utilising our list rather than being loyal to fatigued bagged up players, some out of form. Game plan and regular inaccuracy also issues but I won’t turn this post into an essay on a Saturday morning.
  12. I stand corrected by I think Yze was a Bombers fan growing up, not that it is relevant to anything.
  13. Yep, agree. Would have expected the job was 50-50 his partway through 2021.
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