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  1. I’m all for penalising this rule however I think any 50m penalty paid in the forward half should terminate on forward 50m arc. No easy goal should be allowed from this as it’s too much of a penalty. Still get a shot on goal but it’s not a guarantee at least.
  2. Hi JoeBoy, can you put up a snap of Kozzy?
  3. i think we were generously reward 2nd half of last year as well. We played most of our games at night from memory. Still think we should get the privilege to kick start the season.
  4. Yep the top 3 individual performances of 2021 👆 . Each performance stands out differently. On shear will, grit and determination Oliver takes the cake; rising to the occasion and putting all on show for the big dance, goes to Trac. But imo, in terms of impact on game, standing out from the pack and playing his best ever game and arguably the best ever game played by a Demons player (yes i know big call, ignorant etc etc) would have to be Gawn.
  5. I get the impression he gets banged up pretty good every game.. heard a few times that he struggles to walk the following day.
  6. The seats they offered were reserved seating and had not been taken yet. I was told that I could upgrade to Olympic stand once they had some more clarity from previous reserved seat members and whether they renewed or let the membership expire. Expected Jan 2022. im prepared to give it a go but am not sure what I can do if I wanted to bring an additional guest with me in a reserved seat area. Will chew on it for another day or so but I reckon I’ll bite the bullet. Hope it’s not another COVID interrupted season.
  7. I’m looking at my 2022 options and really wanted to get something in the Olympic stand as that is where the fans seem to congregate. However everything seems to be sold out on level 2 reserved seating. I’m looking now at Trident level for me and my son in the southern stand just on the HF flank. Never watched a game from there but managed to get this Virtual view generated online. Seems pretty good but not sure how immersed well be with other Dees fans on this side of the ground. my son wants ground level (10yo) so he can be closer to the action but I told him it’s not as good to watch the game unfold and you end up watching the game in the screen.
  8. CYB

    Pickett vs

    I think we need to timebox the draft picks...at this rate it'll take longer than the AFL trade period.
  9. My order is still awaiting fulfilment. Bought on the night of the GF win.
  10. Hi all looking for some feedback on 2022 memberships. Looking to upgrade and wanted some ideas on best options. i like the idea of being in the Olympic Stand but don’t like being at ground level. Not a huge fan of the SOuthern Stand as we seem to be away from the crop of Melbourne supporters. In the Olympic Stand the Q section Is the top tier and according to the seat map is public admission. Is this available to the home membership (base level)? If so are there any additional charges on the day as opposed to the southern stand)? Q2 is there a trident family equivalent or at least a junior variation to the membership? If so Is this considered reserved seating as it appears to be a waiting list involved here. Not sure I’ll get access to this though. any other options? Looking to spend ball park $500 for myself and son (10 yo) and optionally mrs. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.
  11. Assuming this is the case, can you imagine how good LJ will be in his mid 20s!
  12. i can just see this years trade as Saad and Williams v2. The issue has never been with the talent they have on the list. The situation is comparable to an amateur golfer buying the new sexy driver at $1K thinking it will make them a scratch golfer. Carlton's problem is gameplan, plain and simple. Maybe Vossy will make a difference, but i think they will endure a lot more pain in the short term (like we did when Roos came on board) before they really really commit. its not like a light switch that you can just switch on and say im going to be selfless or a defensive gameplan is just going to work. These changes will take years and i wouldnt be surprised if Carlton go backwards a bit before they improve. Im not phased that Cerra went to Carlton tbh. Im actually stoked that we got Dunstan. He is a clearance specialist, which will work really nice with our new found weapon in scores from clearances.
  13. This has to be the strategy in the draft. Midfielders are a dime a dozen. But a KP player is always hard to come by. Somebody of the McKay or Logan ilk will have the perfect opportunity to develop under our system and will be ready to go in 2-3 years time without being rushed in like his predecessors. We have a few years to get this right and still have Weid as a backup. But for the sake of longevity and continued success this is the area we need to have longer term solution for.
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