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  1. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but Steven May for captain 2021 please!
  2. It was always going to be difficult to get him. He'd be one of their marquee players that they would do anything to hold onto.
  3. Funny isn’t that what Goodwin said our brand was supposed to be.
  4. Is #FreeKickHawthorn officially retired?
  5. Assuming he leaves and we can make a deal with Essendon.
  6. Saad would have some sort of relationship with Steven May right?
  7. Yes frustrating but certainly not trade worthy. He has a great kicking technique. Problem is between his ears. Nevertheless he has to be a forward of centre link player. Great marking and field kicking. Even would be worth trialling one the wing.
  8. Continues to surprise me how they always seem to target these players. They got Martin with a million dollar contract last year. Even with the retirees, they shouldn’t be able to afford him. We absolutely need to nail this one more than a key forward. LJ and Pickett will grow next year and will be that much better.
  9. And a nice 50K [censored] you from the AFL to finish off the season. Great
  10. Absolutely. How many other players have kicked four goals this year? His dash and mobility is something to be in awe of. He is a turnover merchant off half back so keep him inside forward 50.
  11. Agreed. He is not going to make it I’m afraid. Need to bring in a ready made.
  12. We need to go for Ben Brown or Jeremy Cameron - not soldnon Hoags. I just don’t thinK Weeds is going to make it. Instead Hunt and Fritsch kicked seven between them. Just doesn’t position himself correctly is always caught out of position and is easily nullified in the pack situation.
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