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  1. What was the panel's thoughts on McAdam's debut in the Red and Blue? I was a little bit disappointed that he failed to make the distance with a shot from 35 to 40.
  2. Last time we played Port I thought we were well beaten in the midfield in particular with the way we set up at Stoppages. Butters and Rozee really shined that night and got the 3 and 2 votes. Butters had 41 touches. Did you guys notice anything we did differently on Saturday night? I didn't think Butters and Rozee were as damaging as they were last year.
  3. Reports from Casey on the weekend had Petty not getting much of the footy. Would you be rushing him back this week or let him find some form and fitness at Casey for another week?
  4. Do you think we will be hurt by our departures this season? In hindsight was the Brodie Grundy recruitment a mistake?
  5. I was a bit skeptical when Laurie was picked over Spargo but I thought he did a few really nice things and took his chances and had a hand in a couple of goals. Happy for him to get another look in before finals.
  6. Thanks to this podcast I have been able to observe games and players through a different lens and I usually would have watched Melksham's game this week and just dismissed it as being a standard Melksham low possession, no goal game and would probably screaming for his head. You guys have helped me understand specific roles that certain players, let's call them role players, have in the side. Case in point the incredible Melk. You have opened my eyes to seeing that Jake is the perfect player to play a defensive forward role on key defensive players like he did with Andrews a few weeks back. This week he was playing on Aidan Corr who plays a very similar role to Andrews. In the past 5 weeks Corr has racked up 15, 12, 27, 21 & 18 disposals, had 5, 4, 9, 4 & 8 Intercept Possessions and racked up 344, 373, 369, 446, 535 meters gained. Melky has held Corr accountable this week keeping him to a 6 week low of 10 possessions, 3 intercepts and 239 meters gained. On top of that he had a season high 5 tackles all whilst being mauled at every contest without receiving a free kick and most importantly without getting frustrated about it and having it affect his game.
  7. Great show this week guys. The two and half hours flew by on my commute from London to Frankfurt and back for work. A big thank you on behalf of those half a world away with no other source of Demon-centric analysis. Love the new logo too.
  8. I reckon Dew will easily find employment at another club as an assistant if he wants the gig.
  9. Please please please play JVR and Ben Brown together. 🙏🙏🙏
  10. 6. May 5. Viney 4. Jordon 3. Petracca 2. Salem 1. Bowey
  11. Thoughts on our selection for the Saints game and opting to go small up forward. I would ideally love to have both Ben Brown and JVR in the forward line working together. Melksham played his role and perhaps he can somewhat fill the Fritsch role in the next few weeks. Neither Brown nor Melk laid a tackle though but that’s to be expected. Still not convinced our rucks offer us anything resting up forward. What is our best forward setup going on to the run home?
  12. I thought I would let you know that I had to fly from London to Frankfurt and then back again for work and I was able to listen to the whole of the last podcast on the commute. There and back. Thanks for being my wingmen. Are you concerned about the 2023 Bye Curse? All teams this season coming off the Bye have lost the next week with the exception of the Saints who played the Swans who were also coming off the Bye.
  13. Question for @binman In the Discussion about whether Spargo was a certain starter you were adamant that Charlie would be selected. Were you surprised that he wasn’t picked?
  14. Just watched the match from my village near Bristol in the UK and I must say it was so great to have big Maxy back in the side. We really miss his contested marking all over the ground. 6 contested marks for the match. There is no replacement for that. How much better is having 2 genuine rucks in the side and not having to pull a part time ruck from his role to fill in. Awesome podcast guys. Keep up the stellar work.
  15. Love Maysey. Another quality acquisition for the club.
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