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  1. Of on a tangent here but speaking of retiring players- Brian Dixon-legendary No 9 wingman. Retired at the end of 1968. I have memories of being in the Cheer Squad at the time and we took up a collection for him passing the hat around-and presented it to him at the end of the Round 14 match at South Melbourne, He was good enough to come out of the change rooms and talk to us. I'm a bit confused as to why we made that presentation at the end of Round 14 when his last match was against Richmond 4 rounds later. Maybe he had made the announcement that he was going to retire. Oh well-sti
  2. Hi SWYL I hear where you are coming from on this. Barassi leaving still hurts me a lot. But I'm still grateful for what he gave us and respect him a lot. Being born in 1950 I'm among a few of the older folk on here who have gone through the pain for each of those 56 years. I think I care enough. And I still think its the right thing to do to congratulate a player on a fine career-even if they end up elsewhere. But I can relate to your feelings about loyalty.
  3. I think the Queen would have added "WE are not amused!" LOL Just as an aside Neil, do you remember Froggy wearing Number 12 before he got the number 5? Would I be wrong in thinking he might have started his career as a rover for a few games at least before going to the back pocket?
  4. Like others I was disappointed in him leaving. But I still think he deserves acknowledgment for what he did now he is retiring. Though I'm not comparing him to Ronald Dale, I think we learned to move on and admire No 31 despite our shock and disappointment. when he left. As a youngster I was shattered when Barass left..he had only just sent me a signed photo the week before the news broke. But it was only in later years when I heard the full story. I don't blame him for leaving. The behaviour and attitude of club officials and the way they treated him and Norm Smith was appalling.
  5. FWIW My preference would be to keep Preuss and use him as first ruck. Gawn has a lot to offer in both attack and defence - depending on how the game is going. He has saved us with his marking interceptions on many occasions and is so hard for the Opposition to match up on in the forward line ....and he can take on ruck duties in the forward line as Weeds and T Mac do now. I feel we leave ourselves very exposed if Gawn gets injured seriously. But its not just the insurance factor - I feel we need to instill more fear and frustration into Oppositions and make them sweat more. As
  6. Might take some pressure off Gawn. He gets targeted and sometimes his great ruck work nullified by strong Opposition onballers. At times I feel he is overworked and depended on too much. Now that Brayshaw Oliver and Petracca are lifting maybe he could be more flexible? Some of his best work is when he drifts down back and intercepts or up forward to take a strong mark that opposition find hard to stop.(Just needs to nail some of those close in shots!) A bit more time down back and up forward wouldn't hurt methinks-though depends a lot on team balance and how the game is being pla
  7. Many think Preuss should go out when Gawn comes back. I'm not so sure.
  8. Thx for the update Kent. A shame-he has a bit to offer in an area where we need his skills.
  9. Does any one have the current injury list? Its been nagging me as to who we might be missing most up forward - Harrison Petty came to mind. I also think Smith has a bit to offer there too to charge things up a bit mark and goal kicker wise. With Bennell, Lochhart and Pickett at their feet and Hunt too.
  10. What a great effort by Harry to bring the excitement to us on radio. Thx Rob Mac.
  11. Great post Robbie. I always liked Ken Jungwirth..full forwards who kick goals were few and far between but he only played for such a short time. Not sure why he didn't stay for long. I thought he did well with limited opportunities. Went to Prahran I think after a game or two at Carlton. Just google checked..only 4 senior games at The Dees. At 79 kg's he did well..might have bulked up with a couple of seasons under his belt. Have been thrilled by the great responses to this topic. You all have some great meaningful memories and I have enjoyed the sharing of these.
  12. Blair Campbell and Earl Spalding bring back any memories? I remember Blair playing against Melbourne in a night match at Lakeside oval once. Remarkable kick for goal. A shame his knee limited his career.
  13. I guess with TV these days we get to see the live action and in radio days we filled in the picture in our minds based on commentators wonderful descriptions. I wonder if my mind would have distinguished between "He's nailed it" "He's drilled it" or" He's slotted it" or even "He's snagged it"?
  14. Back in ye olde days, goals were usually kicked via a drop kick or a punt (torpedo or spiral) or even a place kick in the earlier days. Usually commentators had a focus on whether it was a clear goal or just made it.. Comments would refer to things like "straight through the hey diddle diddle" (middle) or the like. Was that a Harry Beitzel or Jack Dyer favourite - does someone remember who coined that one? I can't remember how they described goals that narrowly made it. It seems commentators these days have a more expansive armoury to describe the way a goal has been kicked or the man
  15. Thx Tarax.. some wonderful contributions from Demonlanders bringing back great memories of players and what they brought to the game and our club. Thanks to everyone who has shared!
  16. Darren Bennett was a great kick Damo. I'm having trouble remembering Ted and Kevin's kicking- was it great passing or kicking for goal that made them a stand out for you? I didn't get to many matches for quite a while and heard most of their matches on the radio.
  17. Peter Weekes (Number 25) came up in another post where his interesting kicking style was mentioned. It fired up my memories of players over the years who were either superb kickers or were remembered for having unusual styles of kicking. Being an older member of Demonland, my greatest memories were of Don Williams with his wonderful attacking drop kicks as he ran to the centre line from half back. And those exceptional drop kicks of Tassie Johnson from the goal square to the centre line-incredibly long and precise drop kicks that so often ended in the arms of Terry Gleeson, our ruckman at the
  18. Spot on Hemingway - we needed players with bulk, strength and marking ability..we seemed light on in this department compared to opposition players. I do remember a great game he played at Victoria Park which we nearly (and should have won)
  19. Yes I remember Peter Weekes kicking for goal with his individual style action. Thats a good list of players there Tarax!.I wish some of those had stayed on a season longer with the Dees but I guess they knew when it was time.
  20. Hi Dee-yes I agree-not a lot in common. I was mainly after observations and views about what each might bring to the mix skill wise, position wise and other attributes. I only got to see a bit of Dunkley last year and am enjoying the views on here on where he would fit in and be effective if he does get games. I feel there is something there and I hope he is played in positions where he can use his skills and build confidence.
  21. Spot on Vagg. John Townsend suffered a serious knee injury after the 1965 season- My memory was it happened overseas in the USA in an exhibition game against Geelong- someone might correct me on this. Missed most of 1966-67 and he re-injured it twice. Ken Emselle missed most of 19068-9 with a serious knee injury
  22. When I was very young (Born 1950), Dad used to take me to see matches at the G- the old Bay 13. I do remember the Cordner brothers the first time Dad took me. Then Dad took me to a Prahran game and pointed out at least one ex Melbourne Player. It was then that I learned the link between Prahran and the Demons. Denis Jones was one of the first links. He wrote a message for me once -Dad got it for me "Always keep your eye on the ball Tim " Denis Jones retired from the Dees soon after and went to play for Prahran. I remember in our lean years in the 60's and early 70's when I went t
  23. A fine player for Essendon. I do remember his TV panel days..very softly spoken and came across as a real gentleman.
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