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  1. Does anyone think Bontempellis head high bump on Oliver will get looked at in the 2nd qrtr?
  2. Yep 3 weeks for getting in dangerfields way.
  3. did you hear that melb will make the finals if dogs lose! I've only been reminded 36 times that quarter. I'm still not sure though. Sick of hearing it already.
  4. GWs play worse against the saints then they did against us and Mummy hasn't even hit or bumped anyone . So predictable.
  5. That was the most pathetic presser from someone who doesn’t have a clue. Your the coach Goodwin tell us why? And tell us how your going to fix it? We already know the problem, it’s your job to know what’s causing it and what your going to do about it!
  6. Sep Blatter would not look out of place on the AFL tribunal.
  7. So would I. But sadly I see him as the past and one of those reasons why this club has been a joke for so many years. another player who is average at best, but we seem to rate better than that. werent we trading him to Richmond? If he proves me wrong then only the club can benefit.
  8. Reality is he was average and slow. Is the AFL the place to find form or is that the job of the VFL? I really dont see the hype, Sylvia had more up side and we all know how that ended. sorry but Im calling it as I see it! I wish he could prove me wrong.
  9. I have been making an effort to tell every filth supporter I meet that today is their GF. A bit of reverse psychology so hopefully it will help.
  10. We where going to offload him to Richmond until he hurt himself? How do we know he can play? Can you refresh my memory.
  11. Just heard talk on SEN that he has hurt his foot again whilst doing a fitness test for Richmond. So Richmond don't want him now, we don't want him, but he is still a demon and once again injured. Don't know how to feel about this situation.
  12. My point exactly?When do the excuses stop and Watts just comes out on the field and plays like he is paid to do.
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