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  1. Sadly I feel you have dug your own grave here mate. I personally like the info you have shared with us but perhaps your wording should have been a bit different. Big difference between "I am very confident he is coming" and "Smith will 100 percent be a demon" People on here can be very harsh on posters who share info that doesn't come to fruition. Anywho, I hope this doesn't deter you from sharing info you may receive.
  2. Speak for yourself. Id love him back if we gave up peanuts to Freo.
  3. The Dogs list is unquestionably superior to ours. Much more balanced team. They have us covered for talent and on almost every line they either break even with them or are outright better. They also have the heart and grit that we lack and desperately need to find.
  4. There is absolutely nothing in it.
  5. Who cares, winning this award this year is as impressive and meaningful as being the tallest kid at kindergarten.
  6. I turned off early, What did he say? Never mind, just read the others summaries.
  7. The Spargo haters looking like absolute muppets now....
  8. I have been meaning to start a similar thread (The Toby Green Model) for a few weeks now. I agree with you almost completely. I feel we should have a look at doing "A Toby Green" with Jack. Years ago, before the GWS midfield became super stacked, Green was there best young mid by far. Racking it up in a team get smashed week in week out. Over time they acculimalted a gluttony of elite mids and they were forced to adjust. Just like we are now. Over the course of a few seasons Green went from one of GWSs excess mids to a AA level small/mid sized forward. Green still attendants center
  9. I agree mate, he had a good game and is a possibility to play round 1 IMO. Not huge numbers but was noticeably clean out there tonight. The hate this kid gets on here is ridiculous, the kids a 20 year old ffs.
  10. Im starting to think you're not a fan of oscar.....
  11. That is extremely optimistic. I hope you are right!
  12. I read somewhere last night the Lions were very keen on him.
  13. Once he got past GWS's first pick at 4 it made no difference when he went.
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