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  1. If Bailey played for any other club, every single demonlander would be agree, Fritch is hungry and regularly burns his team mates. I know this is a Dees fan forum but the bias in the thread is unreal. I'm reading posts comparing him to Petracca taking set shots, ridiculous jibes at the media, Coaches instructions to take shots from anywhere! These are all just excuses and deflections from a flaw bailey has let slip into his game. Clearly this is an issues that the team and Bailey need to address. Sometime we have to take of our Dees glasses to see the truth!
  2. Anyone have a link to how the scoring is calculated?
  3. Looks awesome mate, let us know when prints are available!
  4. Kozzy for me, went from 7.13 goals last year to 40.28 this year! Outstanding for any small forward let alone a 19yo one. Gonna be a fan fav for a long time! Jackson not far behind and Petty was excellent too.
  5. I know this is a MFC forum so should expect bias, but people in here are seriously underrating Adam Cerra. Seriously talented 21yo and should absolutely explode next year. Also, players get what they want %95 of the time these days. As much as I hate how much power the players have in the trade period we might as well use this to our advantage for a change. If he if he nominates us it will most likely happen. Same goes for any FA's that might pop up in the next few years. The system is rigged for the rich to get richer. We should abuse this like other clubs have in the past.
  6. More Dees support in London!
  7. Mcrae & Bont > Trac and Oliver. And have a cup to prove it.
  8. He was a good player for Freo. His 2019 was very good in fact. He was about explode towards the end of that season. I thought his 2020 was a step backwards for him but the whole 2020 year was a nightmare for many players. His improved kicking and the consistent impact on games this year has taken him to the level he looked like he was close too at the dockers.
  9. Josh Kennedy kick 11 from his first 21 games. Way too early to make calls on a talented 19 year old. Give him time.
  10. I agree, it would destroy the already shaky spirit and hope of many of us. No flags or anything really resembling success is one thing. Seeing our exciting players running around for another the team is a bridge too far for me.
  11. This is spot on, If we fail to make finals and Oliver leaves us for one of the big clubs it would be the final nail in the melbourne supporting coffin for me, and I wouldn't be the only one.
  12. He has absolutely no chance whatsoever. Rance was the premier backman in the AFL for years and only polled 31 brownlow votes total.
  13. Has made a few blues, but he is yet to debut at AFL level and he is improving as the game goes on. He is also up against arguably the best midfield in the AFL. Simpleton comment.
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