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  1. Averages more than 0.5 votes a game before this year - he must be reasonably polite to the umps!
  2. I reckon you'd have a tough job separating our best three at the moment, who have one hell of a supporting cast. Don't disagree with one (though I only saw the end of his career), but Allen Jakovich was probably the most incredible individual talent I've seen in my time. The Wiz and Neitz were pretty handy too...
  3. I'll be watching it on my tablet at 10am in the UK, hoping my broadband can cope with the stress...
  4. Great teams believe they will win. Our team this year has all the hallmarks of a great team.
  5. Already just about the most articulate current or ex-footballer in the media
  6. Will depend upon the view of his fitness and who we play for the PF. His last two weeks have been pretty poor but does an extra week's fitness cover that given he's had a very good season? Do we need the extra tall? Probably yes and I wouldn't bring in Weidemann
  7. Harry Petty with four direct goal assists from spoils. Guaranteed.
  8. Clearances and free kicks clearly overrated...
  9. Possibly the best spoil I've ever seen - 40 metres crashing through a pack down the corridor leading directly to a goal.
  10. Out: Sparrow and Spargo In: B Brown and Melksham
  11. Agreed - desperately missing some quality delivery into the 50.
  12. Lost at the selection table. Why play Sparrow if you don't trust him with 55% game time. Surely Brown plays next week? Pickett and Spargo look woefully out of form at the moment. Witches hats in forward 50
  13. It's both - Bont's first season was nothing special whereas Taylor looked like a 25/goal a game star. Hasn't kicked on but it happens. In terms of the Jordon/Jackson comparison, JJ is a hard working third year player. Jackson could be NikNat good and is a regular 2nd ruck as a 19yo in a top side having a decent scoreboard impact. Only one is a chance of winning rising star
  14. Petrevski-Seton is an interesting one - probably gettable for a third rounder, horribly mismanaged by Carlton, ex pick 6 and only 23. Option on the wing and half forward - he's not really a defender or inside midfielder
  15. Teeth marks up to the shoulder....
  16. Saints have all the mental toughness of a melted marshmallow.
  17. This is partially true - the guidelines include potential for injury as an upgrade and that directly affects bumps where a player goes past the ball (Sparrow) and forearm/elbow strikes like Zorko. If Sparrow gets off, he's a very lucky boy though I think it's caused by inexperience - I can't see Petracca or Oliver doing that. On a tangent, there was a pretty good segment on 360 a few weeks ago when Hardwick and Longmuir were the guests. Showed Selwood getting a young Richmond player high and all agreed it was the tiger player's fault for poor technique - leading head first while Selwood was collecting the ball side on to protect himself
  18. He's in some strife. Steps past the ball, elects to bump and gets him high with shoulder. Fine if he's lucky but wouldn't be surprised if he gets a week. So should Zorko btw too.
  19. A lot of my family are old Fitzroy supporters. Even with the early 2000s flags, you don't forget that...
  20. They cop a pasting, but I have some sympathy for the umpires this weekend - apparently the same set who have the Perth game on Saturday night then travel to Adelaide to umpire on Sunday twilight. Some significant air and foot miles... That's evidently the reason the Sunday game time has been pushed back.
  21. Couldn't agree more. I live in England and due to have my second AZ jab in about a month - anyone who thinks things get anywhere near back to normal without vaccinations ASAP is kidding themselves.
  22. If the ball hit Spargo last, it went out of play off him, not off the Adelaide player. The only question then is whether it was deliberate by Spargo which obviously would be ridiculous. The level of the deflection and the Adelaide player's intent is irrelevant.
  23. It doesn't. If it came off Spargo (I can't tell from that vision) then the Adelaide player hasn't handballed it out of play because they didn't make the final contact
  24. We are a team that was one poor umpiring decision from being 10 straight. Absolute maximum of three changes and those depend a lot on fitness - Jetta for Salem is the obvious first one and Viney is an automatic inclusion if fit. Can't understand how you could mount a case to drop Fritsch ahead of Weideman, though BBB may not have done enough to come back (stiff to be dropped in the first place and matches up well against dogs) and Mitch Brown would be a retrograde step. As for the idea of dropping Max, save me Jebus...
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