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  1. What's this lack of bias and interference you speak of? This is the entertainment business we're in.
  2. Now that tanking is considered good practice, I assume the AFL will be refunding the fine we paid?
  3. Get rid of the E Or LIASATS system Lean In And Squint At The Screen
  4. Don't worry @binman Dangerfield is a fixer!
  5. Such a great team. Definitely brought a tear to my eye. I'll never forget being there live to watch them grab their first cup. We've let Daisy go but I really hope we keep Stinnear within our club for a long time. Improv training. What a crazy concept. I think it might have really helped the team bond even closer. What a great month or two we've got ahead of us as a club. Super proud.
  6. Agree with all of the above. I'd actually be in favour of each captain being able to call one or two goal line decisions per game. A bit like cricket. The players would know if it was worth a call.
  7. Yeah, there's both technology and process improvements that need to be made. Why is this bloke still there? https://www.theguardian.com/sport/blog/2023/aug/21/every-post-a-loser-as-afl-duds-fans-with-pointless-score-review-system
  8. Just watched a bit of the world cup. Contentious penalty in front of goal. Ref jogs over to the sideline and reviews and discusses decent high definition footage on a screen with those in the bunker and then makes the correct call after a proper review. Each team could be given one or two review calls like this each game if required. E.g both last week and this week. The Melbourne or Adelaide captain could have conferred with their players and then have asked for a review of some sort of footage that didn't look like it was filmed through a 1990s handicam. It's not that hard AFL. But yeah, they're both inept and corrupt. Soccer and NRL are coming for ya.
  9. It must be incredibly difficult for them having a little boys brain trapped in an old man's body. Watching the show is about as much fun as going to the dentist (sorry to any dentists on here)
  10. Mmmmm, Viney and Rivers have been good
  11. Oh there's a HTB. Right in front of Hawthorns goal
  12. Viney smashing in again. He keeps us in it week in week out
  13. Oh for the good old days of HTB May as well take em on and drop it if caught.
  14. Umps are really trying to get the pies back in here.
  15. That's interesting as most players who attempt to kick the ball and are swung away in the tackle and don't get a boot to it are pinged. Almost every time. Where as if you're Cripps in the last quarter, you can just drop it and pretend it spilled free in the tackle. They're trying to speed the game up but honestly as a player, you're better off taking the tackle and pretending to try and punch it out and just hold on for a ball up Or Just drop it once contact is made if you think you have the numbers at the contest. Stupid game, who on earth would watch it week in week out 😜
  16. That's the thing that gets me every time. It's the soft 50/50 kicks paid in range of goal. McVee got pinged as well for pib to give Carlton a shot at goal as well in the last. Free kick count may be even but a lot of the time it's where they're paid that can make a huge difference. Paying a marginal free kick directly in front of goal is usually giving them 6 points.
  17. Nice run Matildas England have made the most of their chances. Thought Fowler had a fantastic tournament for us. Glad they're finally getting the recognition they've deserved for many years punching way above their weight.
  18. That bald guy on the bench for England looks like he's crafting an evil plot. He should have a white cat on his lap.
  19. She seems to be kicking up a gear now. Some near misses for England
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