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  1. For all those in attendance tomorrow, please remember at the appropriate point in the game (assuming things go to plan!!) to: - ask Taylor Adams if this is what a successful club's footy looks like - ask Dunny and Howie if it's enjoyable playing for a successful club - ask if it's time for "Press Red for Ed" - ask those in the black and white around you if they're enjoying THEIR grand final. You'll hear me on lvl 1 of the MCC!
  2. @Petraccattack @Deemented Are Go! Gents, I did look up some of the earlier rounds this year and there was an instance where he tipped us. But only one and certainly not any time in the second half of the season! So he definitely has an issue!! Collectively, the Dogs have lots of issues I guess!
  3. TMac and Hannan formed the rehab group initially (but joined in general training later on). No Viney. Everyone else was there (other than the long term injuries). Vandenberg was wandering around the area early on. Everyone looked up and about except for Frost as noted
  4. Back slaps for Watts and Salem at training this morning after the huddle in the centre of Gosch's Paddock towards the end. They are in the team. Frost prominent in terms of a bowed head for much of training - the separate thread on his future may well have some currency.
  5. Indeed. We are around 28 points worth of percentage ahead of West Coast currently. It would be good if after today that was 70 points, meaning that a 20 point loss to the Pies would still require a 50 point win by West Coast to dislodge us. Better still Dees, let's just win the last two games unequivocally! This site is a good place to follow the equation: http://www.liveladders.com/AFL/
  6. The words quoted in http://www.afl.com.au/news/2017-08-18/dees-hopeful-skipper-will-be-right-for-round-23 are "we're really positive" The article makes it clear that the injury is different location wise to the plantar fascitis procedure but makes reference to recovery from it so one wonders if this latest injury is referred in nature due to Viney favouring the recovery from the pf operation. Do we know if it's the same foot?
  7. Perhaps it's a legacy of having grown up as a Filth supporting [censored]???? !!!
  8. Has anyone else noticed that Bontempelli ALWAYS tips against the Dees in the Herald Sun footy tipping? What's that all about? !!
  9. I'm really feeling confident as I note David Rodan's in goal!
  10. I'm not as confident that Port beat the Dogs in Ballarat in 9 degs. Also, I don't think you can write off a Dean Solomon coached Suns quite so quickly for the week after, at least not in terms of the probability of a 100 point loss. In fact, I'm not dismissive of them taking it up to a Hurley-less Essendon on Saturday. I concur with Clint's take on us not beating Sydney or GWS.....at least not up there! But if we can avoid them until the last game of the year, we might be a chance on the G! Two trips to Adelaide and a MCG Semi against the Tiges would be a heaven sent September program for the Dees!
  11. Casey v Williamstown is live on Ch7 at 2.10pm Saturday so an opportunity to observe the cases being put by those who don't end up in the team for Sunday.
  12. Binman, I think it's principally about the match-ups again (as you referenced). On the face of it, I think Frost is our best match-up on Hipwood. And whilst Goodwin acknowledged Weideman's contesting work, the reality is that his impact was minimal. I think the match committee's challenge is that after a period of 3 and 4 changes or more a week, it's time to settle the team ahead of finals.
  13. I concur with the sentiment Binman but would have thought that the words "if" and "give" in my post make it clear that it's just an observation! Totally share your perspectives on Frost and have read the Justin Plapp player review since writing my post and it appears very likely Watts does another week at Casey.
  14. Frost in for Weideman, TMac forward. Stretch for Viney (if he doesn't get up). Give Watts another week at Casey and bring him back for Collingwood. Anyone at training today?
  15. Agree to disagree. Adelaide's interest is clearly best served by having the greatest number of weaker teams make up the bottom half of the top 8 as possible. They don't know at the time they're playing West Coast whether they'll win their qualifying final or not and hence who they will play in subsequent weeks of the finals or whether they get a week off. They do know that Melbourne beat them comfortably on their home deck. Being the last game of the home and away season, if there is a preference to finish first or second to set up a preferred qualifying final and/or there is a possibility to keep out a feared competitor, they avail themselves of it. Jay Clark from the Herald-Sun obviously as clueless as me: JAY CLARK SAYS: The premiership favourite looks set to get two home finals and can rest players from the Round 23 trip to Perth if they want to. Box seat.
  16. Perhaps. But the other scenario is they throw the game because they'd prefer to have West Coast (who can't get a home final under any scenario) in the 8 instead of the Dees. And remember, it is the last game of round 23 so all the permutations of week 1 finals match-ups (and beyond) will be known. So I reiterate, we need to beat the Lions and the Pies
  17. I think you're overlooking that Adelaide may well have nothing to play for in Round 23 and might take half a team to Perth.
  18. Only if our cumulative winning margin against the Lions and the Pies (plus making up whatever the losing margin to the Saints is) is greater than their winning margin over Gold coast at Metricon and Freo at Etihad. The reality is that if we don't win today, we don't deserve to make finals. And it's well overdue for this football club to control its own destiny without the need to be relying on results from others.
  19. I was born 5 months after our last premiership, I think I understand the dynamics. I have seen many false dawns. I happen to concur with Goodwin and McCartney on the brand of football that wins finals - replay the 2000 GF if in any doubt. The ultimate driver of memberships, sponsors, prime TV slots etc etc is sustained success. That will only come from a club culture and brand of football that holds up. Read the Neitz comments on where the club is headed if still uncertain.
  20. I'm really quite surprised that so many on here are missing the cues from Goodwin. His agenda and that of his coaching panel is to win a premiership for the MFC. There are non-negotiables in how you go about that in the eyes of the FD. Defensive and pressure acts are clearly key. The game against St Kilda and a finals appearance this year are secondary considerations because the coaching panel knows that all is for nothing if the fundamental building blocks aren't in place.
  21. Like that they didn't give Salem the face saving out of listing him as injured. For David_Neitz_Is_My_Dad, Watts was named on the interchange last week. Didn't have a visibly noticeable impact....
  22. Well with a Sunday game it starts at 6.25pm today with a squad. Hence the outs at this stage are the most significant. There's lots of scope after last week. I'm just a tad gobsmacked at Lewis and Petracca running around in the press talking hypotheticals. I'm also bemused by people on here talking about us being able to make finals on two wins. Let's stop relying on others and focus on the task at hand - beat the Saints on Sunday.
  23. I'd have thought that as supporters we'd target the top 4 until such time as it's unattainable!
  24. The positivity of Barrett's article makes for pleasant reading but I found the two paragraphs in italics below somewhat irrational in as much that Nathan Jones has presumably equally played a substantive role in managing the off field issues flagged. I concur that Viney played a major role in the West Coast and Port Adelaide wins, just as Jones played a key role in the Alice Springs turnaround and win. But I don't think there's any evidence to suggest that Jack has been more integral to the stewardship of the club through the injury challenges and Jesse's personal matters. For what it's worth, I was in the camp of make Jack Vice Captain (mainly because I thought he could achieve everything that he subsequently has but without risking the alienation of Nathan Jones). As it's turned out the transition has been seamless and Jones remains the consummate professional he's been for many years now. In a season that could have unfolded badly on the back of serious injuries to key players and undisciplined acts by others, Viney's ability to lead his players to a 10-7 season and well within finals contention is full justification of Goodwin's boldness. There have been numerous issues for Viney to lead the Demons through, including All Australian ruckman Max Gawn missing nine matches with a ripped hamstring, Angus Brayshaw managing just two matches largely due to concussion, Jack Watts missing key matches with a hamstring problem and Jesse Hogan dealing with the death of his father as well as having surgery for testicular cancer.
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