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  1. After NAB2, I think Viney and Vince are locks and Dunn by virtue of being last year's VC. Am less convinced that TMac gets a guernsey. 4 is probably not large enough - need at least one more, maybe two. Lumumba, Dawes, TMac and even Jack Watts could be in the running. Trengove would have been a shot if he was further advanced. Are they announcing it this week or next?
  2. Dogs side very disappointing indeed. We need to make up for Ballarat last year and obliterate them as a confidence boosting exercise. And hopefully avoid any injuries along the way..... It does seem however that we'll play 26. Not quite sure what Jade was rabbiting on about?? Unless the plan is to principally use only 5 of the 8 on the bench?
  3. yeah, it's an interesting point as normally the AFL moves heaven and earth to ensure information release occurs first via their website (and simultaneously the club's). Was just wondering whether Fox Footy have some inside angle just for the NAB Challenge?
  4. Fox Footy website showing the starting 18 as: Jones, Salem, Watts, Viney, Tyson, Gawn, Stretch, Oliver, Dunn, Garland, Kent, Frost, Vince, Pedersen, Michie, T McDonald, O McDonald, Hunt. But I can't find any reference to the three that have been left out. Presumably Jetta is one of them. And maybe Garlett?
  5. Dogs are going to play a very young side if you believe the posts on their site. They did last year up at Eureka in Ballarat and so did Essendon in NAB3 the following weekr. We fell over the line against the Dogs and were pipped at the post by the young Bombers, notwithstanding fielding reasonable sides. We should play our best side (or close to it) and fully expect / demand to monster them and start to ingrain from the earliest opportunity the concept of winning these sorts of games as an expected outcome.
  6. There'll have to be some erring on the side of caution until we fully understand the impact of the 90 interchange cap and the sub elimination on the aerobic endurance of the players (mid-field in particular). For this reason, I can't see it being less than 3 mids. Moreover, we're all accustomed to seeing the players being spent in the early rounds of a season, no matter how much match simulation....and it's an earlier start this year with a warm March forecast. Do we know what the average activation point of the sub was ie including injuries for season 2015? I would assume around the 15 or 20 minute mark of the 3rd quarter. So on the face of it we're getting an extra player for two and a half quarters but copping a hefty hit on the rotations.
  7. Undoubtedly there was a lot to like. Attack on the footy was the key indicator I was watching for and we passed with flying colours. Fluidity of ball movement was another and it's much improved. Dunn had a relatively quiet game and that represents further upside. TMac's decision making and hesitancy are still causes for concern, little brother OMac looks a ways off this level as yet. Sam Frost opened with a flurry but faded. Jetta was good but exploited for pace on a few occasions. Kent provides some much needed mongrel as well as polish. Garlett's one set shot demonstrated lots of practice to address last year's woes. Vandenberg looks extremely composed and comfortable relative to this time last year. Pedo must be persisted with on that display. Need to find ways to get Jesse one out. Thought Watts was great with only a couple of hesitations when the situation called for the ball to be moved quickly harking back to the "old" Dees. Lastly, practice match or not, you can't fake genuine attack on the footy.
  8. It's all about the ball movement for mine and the concomitant impact on game plan. There's a high degree of anticipation as to how much impact Goodwin has had on the game plan and to what extent the young Dees can execute it. Two media articles in the last couple of days are very instructive - firstly Mahoney putting the pressure on the players by saying we're approaching the NAB Challenge seriously and then Roosy in essence saying there's no reason we can't do what the Dogs did. In my mind these are very deliberate efforts to ensure we hit the ground running as there's an awareness that we need to build some momentum and belief early so that we keep our season alive for as long as possible and give the debutantes every opportunity to hit their straps. With some early success, the possibility envelope opens right up......
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