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  1. “Demons are putting a lot of faith in Lever and May down back and Jackson up front. Hope rain isn't forecast.” Lol Yeah, a lot of faith to play our two best, highest-paid defenders. Pretty sure rain won’t be a factor anyway playing at Marvel with roof closed
  2. The excitement is hard to contain and the Dees curse is getting me nervous but the man is actually getting in contests and tackling now
  3. Cheers Mickey, frothing already ! Have also found this too - I’m a bit strange but Hoges was my fav player during 2014 before he even debuted in 2015. Harley is definitely my fav MFC player even though he’s done zilch and I’ve got no shame !!! EDIT: Twitter footage same as 10 But not as good, plus it jarringly cuts to a segment on the filth so it’s not worth watching unfortunately
  4. Couldn’t see the vid that a few posters were referring to but found this - https://twitter.com/10NewsFirstMelb/status/1265553564635668480
  5. Yep, quite depleted but we have to go all in. Bolster the defense with Colvin n Downie, L Pearce in Ruck n going fwd rotating with Zanker ? Get Shelley Heath on wing n Petrevski can go on ball. No idea where Kirby is played best but she played for Dees back in Exhibition days. If we win and Freo do does that mean we have to fly to Perth after flying to NSW the week before?
  6. Goldy is right to go apparently, need her run off of HB. Lampard big out though. If Downie and/or L Pearce come back in though for Lampard (and possibly someone else? Who?) then we could reshuffle n maybe do some damage in finals
  7. Andy Maher just made the exact same error, mentioned how upsetting it’d be for Dees fans. Gave me fright of my life. Not because we’d missed out, but because I’d be proved wrong on DL
  8. It’s def top 4 teams from both conferences. Past few years I’ve enjoyed the AFLW until we reach point that we cannot possibly contend and then get disgustingly furious and totally switch off from it. Had that feeling last weekend after loss in NT, but totally reversed now n am pumped again. If we get Lauren Pearce back n we kick straight, can we go all the way? Bloody hope so
  9. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/aflw/afl-players-association-wants-aflw-finals-to-start-this-weekend-be-expanded-from-six-teams-to-eight/news-story/c5ae108ec0f40ea4b7f7d715b0f4085c If this goes ahead and we get Lozza Pearce back AND the rest of the team/Stinear sharpen up this week then we’ll be right back in it. Can’t recall if we either play the filth/carlscum (dockers go straight to prelim) or if we play a team from Conference A. Don’t care about the asterisk - I want a dees flag!!!
  10. Downie out with illness (no alarm bells here. Salem is out with illness n I had a nasty cold earlier this week, so it’s fair to say theres a bit of it going round) Loz Pearce has knee soreness. Not ideal, only just coming back from a pre-season knee op Bit of a gamble plonking Perkins down FF and moving one of Zanker or Cordner down back.
  11. Pretty sure this is not Kade Kolodjashnij but Austin Bradtke?
  12. Always amazed at how players look better in our jumper
  13. Bennell pings off another after Kozzy
  14. Think it's a style thing that's developed over time, "+" looks better than "&" to the young-ins
  15. Where did it actually say there is only going to be one set of goal/point posts ?? Never seen a half-oval ala half-court in b-ball. Bartlett’s article simply said there wouldn’t be a fence, just goal/point posts. Seems one poster has merely misinterpreted this. Happy to be proven wrong, but no point getting in a state over a half oval when that’s not the case. Yarra Park leaves Goschs for dead - bring on the facility/training ground (full size - 2 posts)
  16. http://www.foxsports.com.au/afl/vfl-probes-clash-between-casey-demons-coach-justin-plapp-and-werribee-fan/news-story/81f5ebba346b112a4206583f1baf7c87 Anyone see this ? Pappy involved in a 'clash' with Ex-Werribee player...
  17. This is great. To be fair to Slobbo, he did emphasize that both Jordy and Hoges at least were front on with their hits yet the elbow and knee from Thompson was DIRTY. Frustrating that our players copped harsher reprimands when those cheapshots during North V Geee-long got next to nothing.
  18. I don't get stuck into Caro as much as most people, but her article states that Goody is the 28th Melbourne Coach when he's the 31st. Sloppy journalism.
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