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  1. Hunt looking a lot bigger, hopefully get to see him this year. How is he looking during drills, skill wise?
  2. My mate who played with Weideman at Ranges says he'll need about 2 years to develop, but doesn't miss a set shot.
  3. I vaguely remember an inverview with Petracca late last year being asked about the paleo diet. He said it was more of a pre season thing with them eating more carbs during the season.
  4. Could be on the money there, but wouldn't think he'd need a bag for that.
  5. Don't know if anyone cares but Gus goes to the same uni as me and I've seen him twice and both times carrying a melbourne backpack with number 10 on it.
  6. Hogan just uploaded a photo of him in hospital on his instagram. Can't upload the photo from my phone sorry!
  7. Similar stuff, humbled by the award and carey/brown comparisons, clearly wants to be playing finals but can see the club's in a good direction with quality youngsters.
  8. Hogan on future stars on channel 9 in a minute or so
  9. Not sure if significant, but in this weeks vfl player review Dean Terlich was not mentioned despite playing.
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