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  1. New clue: the player will become a free agent next year
  2. The player plays for a club one of the mentioned players plays for. However, I can confirm that club is not the club of M.Goatflaps.
  3. The Riddler never sleeps. However the Riddler will only provide one more clue before trade period re-opens tomorrow: the player is from interstate.
  4. The Riddler will reveal the truth only once the riddle has been solved. As of yet, it has not been.
  5. Well, well, well. After a two year hiatus, the Riddler has decided to return. Entering the second week of a tumultuous trade period in which we've seen unexpected chess moves and the demise of player loyalty, there are bound to be rumours floating around the airwaves. Will Jordan Lewis arrive? Will the Hibberd deal go through? Is there any truth to the Kurt Tippett murmurings? But fear not, for the Riddler does not deal in speculation. The Riddler only deals in cold, hard, facts. Contained in this Riddle is perhaps the key to the future of the Melbourne Demons. Unlock it, if you dare. Riddle me this: Which player spreads both butter and his wings, yet remains ocean-bound?
  6. Would have involved pick 12 (from the Trengrove deal) so now both clubs are working on fair compensation. Sydney want 2 and 3 but Melbourne are pretty set on keeping one of their top picks.
  7. Bang on the money with all of your comments.
  8. Close but think bigger. This could be a huge coup if the rumblings are true
  9. Not Scott Selwood or Rory Sloane. But does play for an interstate club...
  10. Clue: he has one brother that plays football, and another that doesn't
  11. If it's so weak what is the answer?
  12. The board member I have spoken to has two first names
  13. After speaking to a board member whom I cannot name, I have some very important information hidden in this riddle: Which former man from the street of knox has grown tired of being a bird and is looking to join the red and blue?
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