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  1. You can bet your bottom dollar that Vince will be in the team list come round 1.
  2. Not sure if your trolling on it. You have no idea about rebuilding a club. We had been rebuilding for years unsuccessfully prior to Mahoney. To rebuild we didn't need to enter the draft, that would take too long. We needed to rebuild by trading our draft picks for AFL ready players. Trying to rebuild through the draft takes 5 years, we needed to trade in ready made AFL players because us supporters had enough of the rebuild as we had been unsuccessful too many times. Draft picks are absolute lotteries, you never know how they will fill out and develop. Vince, a best and fairest and turned out to be a great acquisition for our club. Pick 23 is definitely not overs considering we could of went to the draft and picked up Cale Morton.
  3. 'For 2017 and beyond'. Geez I wish we had him about 2 weeks ago against Collingwood. 2018 and beyond haha
  4. Giants won that trade big time. Give me Kelly over Tyson and Salem any day.
  5. How can be there an agenda when our destiny was in our own hands and we just weren't good enough. We should never of been in this position. Adelaide are 1st regardless, they have nothing to play for, West Coast has everything to play for of course they were going to give them a red hot crack.
  6. Everyone stop whinging out the umpiring. We put ourselves in this situation with a disgusting performance. Should of never been in this situation
  7. Who cares if we make finals we get smoked by 60 by the Swans week 1
  8. Hahaha bye finals. Back to being the laughing stock! Thanks for a good year
  9. I understand what everyone's saying, that we aren't guaranteed a spot, which is true. All I'm saying is that its likely that we will make finals and if we do, I would hope we match up against Port. I can't see us beating Sydney. It would be unlucky to run into them in an elimination final.
  10. Apart from a miracle, we are all but assured a finals berth. Firstly congratulations, we have been waiting a hell of a long time for this!! Looking ahead, I think it is imperative that we end up playing Port in the final and not Sydney. As satisfying as it is to make finals, I don't think we stand a chance against Sydney especially on their home track. It would be disappointing to make finals but be outclassed and bundled out in week 1. Fingers and toes crossed that we are matched up against Port. I think we can knock them off and move into week 2. Anyone else thinking along the same lines? I will be eagerly watching all games and hoping we match against Port, it could be only a matter of percentage.
  11. Why are people so intent on resting? This is another elimination final. We can't take Brisbane lightly otherwise they will run over us. 3 weeks ago we played North Melbourne and look what happened. We need our best players on the ground every single week from now on, unfortunately we aren't in a position like Adelaide to rest some good players up until finals!
  12. It's unbelievable and unforgiveable considering they were introduced before GWS and have achieved nothing in that time. Compare them to GWS and they have just gotten it so wrong. There needs to be another overhaul from the board, committee, coaches etc.
  13. I can only imagine what your rant will be like when we lose to St Kilda this week...
  14. No Lewis? it's our biggest game of the year. Lose this and we are out of the 8 and will struggle to make finals and you want to rest our most experienced player? Can you not see that we struggle from lack of leadership in a normal game let alone a must win finals type game against a premiership contender?
  15. Won't be a walk in the park by any means. What's the bet that they re-call Goldstein and Thomas who generally give us headaches. Huge game, a lot on the line. A must win for finals!
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