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  1. If his foot isn't stuffed and he is not too mentally scared.. Huge risk considering many have not come back from his foot injury. Would take a second round pick and a few extra buck in the bank and move on quite happily.
  2. It is an interesting one.. Watts certainly has divided opinion. I know some Melbourne fans who think he will turn the corner and i know others who think he stands for all that is wrong with this club. I am not sure of Watts value on the open market, but he is perhaps worth more than Harry in return.
  3. It was thrown up on SEN as a WATTS for LUMUMBA trade... Interested to see peoples thoughts...
  4. Just heard Duck talking about it on Triple M, said it should be mandatory that he returns to Melbourne if he returns. Either way, we want to make sure that we get something for him in the form of a trade. Get the feeling that we knew he wanted to walk but asked him to announce his return before list lodgement so we get a trade for him. Could be packaged with another player to get a good mid.
  5. Everyone knows that the holding the ball rule is screwed... Gil Knows it, the media knows it, the coaches know it, the players know it and the fans know it. The AFL Umpires Association tried to change the way the game was played through interpretation and it hasn't worked. The game is hard to watch and sadly, people are become more restless. I like Gil and think he has values over and above the previous agendas. The reason he had dinner with the coaches was to iron out these things and i am sure that they will be addressed at years end. If they are not addressed then i think the game will become 'unrecognizable' and fans will lose interest in the ever evolving rules of this great game.
  6. If they traded a 'somewhat experienced' player for Petracca like a a Shiel i would be a bit surprised. Not sure how long that can continue to go down the youth path, when they are only making minor inroads after having first grab at prized picks over the past few years. They would be much better trying to entice better established players by moving on fringe players.
  7. Just coach Melbourne, it is the best exit strategy going around
  8. Saw and if it made contact he will get 2 weeks for it...
  9. After reviewing the game for the second time i cannot believe how good Nev Jetta is... His work in traffic is amazing and his ability to slip tackles is really good, he is composed by hand and foot. Actually i want to see him given some time in the midfield next year, think he would certainly mix it with the best in there, as long as his tank is improved!
  10. I actually like the idea of getting him as a forward pocket, he can play that role and JKH can play further up the field.
  11. I agree that he was in good form and unlucky to be subbed. My only thought was that we were really strong in stoppages and winning in this area. Maybe Roos wanted a bit of pace and line breaking ability. But yeah i think Riley was super and his last few games have shown me that he is certainly in the our best 22.
  12. I think if he is 500k a year and is open to stay, then we should consider signing on that. Compensation at 500k will not help us land a good replacement, and we will still have some draft picks to focus on the midfield. But without knowing the inner workings of the club, it is hard to know whether Frawley is that focused or if he is the one of the guys who Roos referred to as 'having scars' from previous beltings.
  13. If that is true which it could be, you would want to think that Harry Taylor is on $1.6m per year; because he is clearly twice the defender that Frawley is...
  14. Our team as a whole has dropped off since Crossy has been out.. Shows the importance of leaders.
  15. Yeah i agree we will be at the pointy end of the draft and will certainly have good picks. But i just feel that 'trading for stars' with pick 2 & 3 this year may not have the same weight at previous years.. I would love pick 2 & 3 in last years draft.
  16. This draft doesn't appear to have the same hype as other drafts, so i figure it is not a strong draft. Might be hard to get a gem from the draft and even harder to trade picks.
  17. Yeah cannot see a win out of those 2 matches on current form..
  18. For a club that is 'one wrong step away from disaster' it would surprise me if Roos went down this path. Considering we employed Roos to settle the club and shift away the spotlight -this would turn the heat back on the club. I like the idea of Ling in an Assistant role, perhaps as midfield coach and bring in someone else to help out. Still like the idea of someone with good experience at the highest level, but cannot see anyone else out there with a 'defend first' mentality similar to Roos.
  19. I live overseas and this was my first game for the year live. I watched Watts on numerous occasions not give an option on the wing from a ball coming out from the backline. You could argue that Watts had pushed hard from a previous contest, but aren't AFL footballers in the system as long as Jack supposed to make contest after contest. For me he just chooses when to go hard and that concerns me. Guys like Cross just go hard at every contest and that is the non negotiable that Roos will push in all his players. I am not sure Jack has the courage to push, when he is spent!
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