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  1. Harmes needs to play 70% midfield time at a minimum. Has more pace and football smarts than Oliver and Viney. He was a big reason we had a good 2018. The dumb FD decision to try him as a back man has been a bust, much like the Fritta down back call in 2019. Salem needs to be brought up the ground as he is usually a good user, although some may question that based on recent form. We must play a second tall in the forward line, just for those occasions when Oliver and Viney win ball in the middle and blast inside 50. At a minimum, this gives us a chance to compete. At the moment we hav
  2. Agree with you on all points and have made the same suggestions. Disagree on Lockhart. While he didnt have the mistake riddled game of the week before, he had no obvious matchup and added little yesterday, but then again, maybe it was the coaching again. I’ve seen him play forward and they could have been toyed with yesterday. As it stands today though, Kozzie is an elite kid which has yet to translate to AFL level performance. Goodwin in his presser of last week when explaining Bennell said he had things to work on in his game and when the Rd 2 side was selected, Pickett and AVB weren’t avail
  3. You said he was up to AFL standard and ready to go and took umbrage at the suggestion he was ‘gifted’ games based on potential. Yesterday was another example of him not having any influence or output. It’s not his fault. He is a kid. You asked me who I’d have ahead of him. I am saying Bennell right now is ahead of him by a fair way, even at 50% game time. He doesn’t have the great positioning right night and with Hunt being equally out of his depth as a forward pocket, we are not playing our best 22. That was the point I made.
  4. It can’t hurt. Swing TMac back, add May forward and Brown/Weed to CHF. All seems fairly simple. Add Omac in place of Smith
  5. Friday afternoon I saw Clayton Oliver riding a bike in the pouring rain through camberwell. Made me think he isn’t very smart
  6. The player you describe sounds a lot like that guy Harley Bennell. If only we had him
  7. Our midfield looked better once Harmes went in there in the last 1/4. For mine, he is the only classy mid with a big of genuine pace.
  8. Yep. Goodwin is using the season as a pre season type situation. Currently Kozzy is being played on potential and not output
  9. Port Adelaide did the same thing and were leading the comp until this weekend. You are reading too much into it
  10. How much would I need to raise via GoFundMe to pay out Goodwin’s contract ?
  11. Yep and I was howled down by @Wiseblood this week for saying as much. He is a kid who needs development for his confidence at this level. Bennell is a better option right now.
  12. Yep and I was howled down by @Wiseblood this week for saying as much. He is a kid who needs development for his confidence at this level. Bennell is a better option right now.
  13. Guys on the chopping block: Smith Tomlinson Lockhart Melksham Hunt and Oliver. We need to play Harmes in the middle, as evidenced in the last quarter. We must add a KPF next week. I am not sure Kozzie is ready. He will be a star and the chase down tackle was his highlight. He has not hit the scoreboard enough. we lack scoring power and I’d try Bennell as a forward, at the expense of hunt or Melksham
  14. What was going on with Kozzie and Hunt. One of them needed to take the ball. No communication
  15. I agree and been highly critical, but he wins it out of the middle and then has no tall to go to
  16. Get Smith out of the backline. When is the move going to be made. Any moves? Any at all? I hate Goodwin. May kicks out to 3 or one
  17. Completely lost Melbourne. Got no idea what we are doing. Kicking to hunt as a key forward
  18. Agree completely. Flat footed and manned up. No space. Useless
  19. The Fritsch forward experiment is done. Get smith up there
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