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The Chazz

Congratulations to all

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Hi all

I've been a member of Demonland since September 3, 2009.  In that time, we've experienced very few highs (if any), but a tremendous amount of lows.  On Demonland, I've had many a great discussion, sometimes heated, sometimes just a general disagreement of opinions, and many times just a great chat about a particular topic.  Having this forum to vent has definitely made dealing with the tough times a little bit easier to cope with.

Since I joined, I've had my father, the reason why I support this great club, pass away.  I've also sired two terrific kids - keeping my family's tradition alive with my young bloke being a Demon.  It's been some journey.

To the likes of Old Dee, Sir Why You Little, RPFC, Beelzebub, you guys were here before I started, but I've enjoyed may interactions with you all.  To Andy and the Demonland team (Nasher, Whispering Jack, et al), thank you for creating a place for us to call home.  In recent years, the fun and frivolity that Uncle Bitter, Moonie and Biffen bring has been priceless, as has the honesty of Pro Dee.

But now, for the first time since I've been a member of this wonderful forum (approaching 9 years), we're in the finals!  Making the finals is a great achievement for where this team has come from.  There were absolutely times that I wondered if my young bloke would grow up being able to support the same team as his dad, like what his dad did too.  We're still a long way from the pinnacle, but for this year, as Chris Scott keeps saying, we've made the "tournament" so who knows what will happen from here.

Congratulations to all posters for sticking with the club.  Yes, some of you may have threatened to shut up shop, I have probably felt it at times myself, but deep down, we're all Demons, red and blue, through and through.  We deserve to get excited about the next few weeks, and even if it doesn't last as long as we hope, we've made a significant step in 2018 to becoming a relevant club again.

Enjoy the ride.

Go Dees.

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Congrats to the team as well for having us on a server that didn’t melt down at the final siren yesterday! 

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