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  1. This most be one of the more confusing posts in this thread
  2. Maybe just maybe GNF's assertion that it cold take UP TO 6 months is correct
  3. Its always good to get these snippets of information but its no better than" someone else we know" i
  4. Don't know why you should have,definitely heard it alluded to on SEN myself
  5. We're getting our right wack. Can't understand even trying to defend that performance
  6. Congratulations on your spelling. Nobody has claimed he's a champion just a handy footballer
  7. Lets face it Stuie, where Pedersons concerned other people can see things that you obviously can't. A lot of other people
  8. Badly need hard nut leaders who won't accept poor performances to show the rest how to win. Should have looked at Steve Johnson last year, should look at Boomer Harvey this year. A couple of genuine match winners wouldn't go astray either
  9. Does he sook up at himself or at his teammates? Big difference
  10. You can never rely on other sides losing
  11. Remember it well, was heartbreaking, was sure we'd break the drought, we were the form side. Smashed Footscray and Geelong who made the five. Pretty sure that last Carlton shot hit the post, that's how unlucky we were
  12. The lynch mob would still be burning an effigy of Dawes if it had been him that missed that goal... Yawn
  13. Trouble is some on here want to see a copy of the contract signed, with all the t, s crossed and I, s dotted before they will believe anything
  14. I, m up there as far as age goes with other demonland members on this site and are just speechless. One thing Dawes v Pederson argument over
  15. Didn't Hogan say in his most recent interview he'd like to get things sorted sooner rather than later. Most on here took the negative that it meant nothing. Well just maybe he was alluding to something poitive
  16. Well done GNF always happy with your info. Too many naysayers on here
  17. Strong rumor on Demonology its T Mac for Hurley
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