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  1. Been in the best for about the past 6 weeks
  2. The same could be said with a fair chance of success regarding any coach in the AFL except those that have already won one
  3. Not disagreeing with what you're saying but can someone point out who is going to be the big focal David Neitz type key position forward in this group
  4. Disturbing that his form has dropped away and someone has reported him being out until 6.30 in the morning. A return to bad habits ??
  5. Bottom line we have no key forwards and when the side plays poorly like today we will invariably kick a low score. We are filling in with undersized players trying to hold down these positions. Before someone mentions Liam Jurrah despite his undoubted brilliance , he is not a key position player!
  6. Jamar to take it up to Natanui physically for the whole night
  7. I really wish people would stop putting Jurrah at full forward
  8. Strongly agree here. Would be very interested in Whispering Jack's take on some of these comments re intensity, physicallity etc.
  9. Warnock was good, Martin learn to mark
  10. Obvious instuction after 1/2 time was to spread the ball more, had to try something we were getting smashed up the middle, worked too
  11. A few things took too long (in hindsight) .the writing was on the wall in the first 1/4 that north were smothering us through the middle.We came out in the 3rd 1/4 with obvious instructions to spread and run more which worked great, but these changes needed to be implemented earlier,by 1/2 time the margin was too great. 0
  12. Good post Bruce far from our worst today.There were a couple of highly rated half backs who made shocking errors by hand and foot.We must have created a record for having our kicks and handballs smothered by the opposition yesterday.
  13. Problem is we have no real key forwards
  14. Absolutely nothing wrong with Dunn's game last week
  15. Hille stood there looking at him didn't even contest the hitout. As I said originally weak
  16. Can't believe that Hille didn't try and work him over physically friday night.The way he just let him stroll out of the middle with the ball at the first bounce was unbelievably weak.I understand footy has moved on a lot but how do you reckon Carl Ditterich or John Nicholls would have handled the situation
  17. Basically needs to get on the ground and play, then we'll all know
  18. Even the posters on demonology acknowledge his limited pre season and the fact that he's grossly underdone
  19. Why do Wonna's hamstrings take twice as long as everyone else's
  20. Of course with Jurrah,Wonna,Sylvia and Watts missing, all possibly in our best forward line it was always going to be difficult to kick any sort of score. Bate (underdone) and Miller have never been big goal kickers.
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