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  1. Revealed in Sam's diary column in the Herald Sun that he will wear #26 for the Dees
  2. Clayton has dominated 2015 off pure talent alone. It's his biggest strength and his biggest weakness. His best will see him be an Adam Cooney like stoppage player, but up to the MFC to push him there. The greatest test of our talked up development coaches, and for Goodwin in the future
  3. At this stage, anything he can provide to our team is a bonus. The expectations are now so low. On talent alone, he is a potential B+ midfielder. On character, deserves a successful comeback more than any player I remember
  4. Was impressive pre season, and would be a great 3rd defender who can run off the opposition resting ruckman, or even swing forward. With no more sub rule, he is the perfect player to benefit from this and be our extra tall
  5. Forget about what height he doesn't have. Look at what he DOES! We need real speed and contested ball winning ability and while he isn't elite, he is above average at both. If he joined us, he would be only behind Viney as a young mid with both these specific qualities
  6. Billy has the goods. Leave him on a wing, he will be fine
  7. Will still be our best midfielder of the next decade. And that means more considering what Viney and Brayshaw showed this year. Dom's vision and hands in tight is seriously elite
  8. Time for posters to stop seeing the trade market as a "unless their a superstar we don't want them" opportunity. Our elite will come from the draft, like all clubs. A Melksham, like a Vince or a Lumumba, is to support, fill gaps on the list and hope for a bargain. Dangerfield, Judd like trades are once every five years, and if you ain't a successful club, forget it
  9. The surprise packet will be the competition remembering again how good Jeff Garlett is! 30+ goals and plenty of spark up front. Also think that Matt Jones has another level and will remain best 22 despite the critics
  10. McCartin was taken at Pick 1, quite different from the discussion about the value the Saints got with pick 21 compared to the Dees at 23...
  11. Keen to get my fellow DL members thoughts on what I believe was a wonderful result with Pick 23 in the latest trade / draft period. Trading it to GWS for Frost, Pick 40 and 53 allowed us to get three young talents from a 2nd round pick which was a master stroke. To then get ANB at 40 and Oscar at 53, both of whom were predicted 2nd round talents themselves, I don't think we could have asked for anymore from the List Mgt team. Frost, ANB and Oscar is a great package for 23 as it includes two young KPP, when Saints get only one in Goddard for 21. Paying under the odds for Stretch at 42 and havin
  12. If the Frost deal didn't happen today, then our 5th pick in the draft would have been 83 instead of 53 . An important benefit. To be fair, Frost and 40 for our 23 is a good trade by the MFC on its own. We are talking about one of the best young FB in the game. GWS main FB for the year. He finished 12th in GWS b and f and replaces Frawley who only finished 8th in ours. Plus we get pick 3 TICK
  13. Is he a better player than Dayne Beams? Not even close Does anything else matter then?
  14. Jack Watts signed a 3 year deal last year, despite a Carlton offer. Does this make him so loyal that he can't ever be traded? As far as I now, JT has only ever signed on for one extra contract after the one he was drafted with... Hardly club royalty
  15. Appreciate your concern, but we expect this to be common knowledge throughout the weekend. Already, it's being reported that GWS are into Beams as well, as I expect other clubs will be. But only GWS and us have a top 5 pick that interest the Pies, and theirs is likely to go on Griffen
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