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  1. What a load of absolute rubbish - embarassing actually. Why do we need a Demon as President?????? What about the best candidate for the job??? This boys club type attitude is what got us in this mess in the first place. Some of you people are just afraid of real change.. Face Palm!!!!
  2. Agree 100% - some of you people need to remove your heads from out of your rear, get past the politics and understand the club is in all sorts and we need professionals at the club with a proven track record of success - Kennett offer this.
  3. Bimbo - change for the sake of change? Can you point us to the sandpit that you've had your head buried in over the last 50 years or so???? Change for the sake of change - most mindless post I've read anywhere for sometime. If ever a club was in dire need of change its the MFC. Oh Dear Bimbo, Oh Dear..........
  4. It's called people having a difference of opinions - we're not robots and we don't all think the same. Were you expecting all of us to be in agreeance on the topic? Pft......
  5. Don McLardy isn't fit to carry Jeff Kennett's dirty jocks. As per usual with Don he's very quick to get on the defensive - already released a statement about Jeff's comments. Would have thought he'd be a bit busy to respond and so quickly at that...... Oh Don walk away for the love of God!!!
  6. According to the MFC website Russel Howcroft is also a board member.
  7. We currently have 10 board members - no wonder the morons can't make a decent decision and are always "split",there's far too many of them!!! If elected Jeff would only have 5 board members - he's already speaking more sense in 5 minutes than the current board has demonstrated in 2-3 years!!!
  8. Continually going back to "Melbourne" people is what got us into this mess in the first place. My God!!!! The less "Melbourne People" the better as far as I'm concearned!!!
  9. The club pulled the wool over its own supporters eyes - that's how. Proxy Vote in favour of board decison anyone?????????? Biggest deception since Judas sent Jesus to the cross.....
  10. What's your grand plan P-Man - sit on our hands and keep copping thumpings with a board that continually makes poor deciosns? I mean they can't even make a decision on Neeld for God's sake. Either sack him (my prefferred option) or back him in. Kennett won't fluff around. He knows what it takes to build a successful club - has the runs on the board. We should count ourselves lucky that he's even prepared to put his hand up for the job!!!
  11. You are kidding??? So keep Mclardy in charge.. Pft... Jeff delivers resulst. I for one couldn't give 2 shits about his personality or what he has said in the past. This club is a basket case and someone like Jeff could turn it around.
  12. Wonderful move if it happens!!! People may not like Jeff but he delivers results, something this club has not done for many years. Mclardy is a goose and has no idea what he is doing. Along with Jeff along with Peter Jackson could turn this club around.
  13. This entire thread is a complete overeaction to be honest. Who cares if Francis Leech doesn't think the AFL should help us - does it really matter? He's allowed his opinion. At the end of the day his comments aren't important at all and won't have an effect on anything....
  14. RPFC - Very good chance that the AFL may have approached Roos - we are a basket case. I just can't see anyway on earth Roos coaching us - no way known!
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