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  1. Great win, don’t think much of Brisbane, but the way we played was good, a bit more variety in tactics
  2. Is Melbourne guilty of the same problem but we don’t want to admit it, particularly as a coaching group….we play one way and one way only and can’t, or won’t adjust when we need to We are known as a team that overuses the ball, is vulnerable to pressure and is heavily reliant on defence, particularly intercept marking, which when we come up against well coached and capable teams we eventually fall over - we have some very skilled players but our tactical planning and execution is letting us down
  3. Whatever happens in regards to trades, it’s clear from tonite and most of this year that as good as Jackson is and could be in the future, he is not dominant in the ruck, or as a forward or as a follower that warrants us going any harder than what we have - let him go and maximise the return while we can
  4. This is classic Melbourne that’s been going on forever - doing-saying/dumb [censored] that’s has no purpose and inevitably backfires on us - culturally we need to change it, Langdon is great, but should be dropped for discpline - we need to send a message to the team that ‘everything’ counts, nothing is excusable - just like Frisch should have been dropped weeks ago when he burnt players on the ground - that is being ‘ruthless’ not just one off performances
  5. Don’t care what anyone says, Hibberd is a dumb footballer
  6. How is it that cox always plays well against us…?
  7. Similar to game against Footscray so far, we continue a shoot out and it won’t work for us, need to tighten defense across all areas, particularly midfielders and forwards
  8. Good to see the renowned MFC ability to get ahead of ourselves now extends to daisy pearce, calls a goal before it happens ensuring we miss….
  9. Time to tell him we’re seeking a trade, he’s not worth it
  10. Every week that goes on tells me Jackson is not worth big money
  11. Goodwin needs to rethink coaching from boundary - either can’t see how the game is playing out and doesn’t react, or has no tactical nouse, or both !
  12. We lost the game through some poor coaching and play - obviously tired after heat last week but play a helter skelter game all night too the point it caught up with us, poor thinking got too also wonder at what point do you man up on a player that kicks 5 goals on you ?
  13. Really didn’t have a winner all night, lost on selection, tactics and in game play, completely outplayed in all facets - different game on the Gee hopefully
  14. Absolutely a problem, we need McDonald & relying on BB to ruck in forward line is no good, too easily pushed off ball we have no strong marking presence and we don’t get enough from smalls against best teams - picket and spargo not giving us much this year
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