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  1. It isn’t more than it is until it’s official and we’re in the middle of a once in a generation pandemic that is draining the public purse. I have no doubt that this would be part of a multi phase approach and that it’s likely an extension of existing facilities adjacent at AAMI Park, but until announced and official it isn’t worth celebrating.
  2. They’re moving a fence and we’ve got people on here saying Pert and Roffey are heroes, let’s get some perspective. It’s good news to get some investment regardless of the level but let’s not make this out to be any more than it is.
  3. It’s a development yes, but in the scheme of things makes very little tangible difference. Talk of an AAMI park redevelopment for an event (WWC) which is less than 2 years away is also just plain false
  4. How do you get any of that out of what has actually been officially announced? LH is 100% right, all this is is a bigger ground to train on. 'Training facilities' encompasses so much more than that and is not included. This is a nothing announcement and we still don't have one home.
  5. I booked two tickets for me and my old man. Didn’t have to provide details for the 2nd ticket, so they need to capture these other people
  6. What am I running from? Demon Disciple made the call that he could be the best kick in the team, that is not the case and I set the record straight
  7. This. Just thought I'd set the record straight from a credible source.
  8. Don't want to rain on the parade but I've been told his kicking needs a lot of work, direct quote from a recruiter at another club "long kick, but not a good kick". It's a highlights package remember
  9. Option 1 isn't an option in so far as simply profiting and running, read the deed To sell up and relocate, they would need the BC members in particular categories (ie not those paid for by the MFC) to agree to the sale The only other out is if Wilkie's bill gets through involving the regulatory change, then an 'independent' report stating that such a regulatory change was SOLELY responsible for $200,000 in losses would allow the MFC to bypass the BC member vote Even then depending on when it happens we would have to donate a certain % to a charity, only after 6 years would the MFC get 100% of profit on the sale So basically it's s complex agreement, not as simple as taking the assets and fully controlling them, BUT regardless it is a great move for a footy club which has a poor asset base
  10. A $9 million asset costing us only $3 million in debt, its a no brainer, and this is an asset which will only appreciate, great news for the club and its what they have probably been planning all along since they got involved with the Bentleigh Club, I am a Bentleigh Club member and MFC member, and I will be voting for the proposal
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