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  1. I was 7. I have no family history or allegiance in VFL/AFL footy, and that year was the year I fell in love with the Dees. It's not impossible that we could make it this year, but it is highly unlikely! That said, Port Adelaides turnaround last year, from finishing 2 places above us with one extra win in 2012, to playi ng finals last year, and now this year they are on top of the ladder and playing an exceptional brand of footy. A couple years ago, I would've said we had more talent in our list than them, so I see no reason whatsoever that our turnaround cannot be a quick one.
  2. I'd have to say Kirk is the most likely for me. Roosy bloody loves him, he loves Roosy, knows his style inside out and has been groomed to some extent under Lyon. Pretty much plug and play senior assistant who'll be coming into his own with two years working closely with Roos. Then shift Roosy to a backseat position within the club where he still gets to be involved and help Kirk out where he needs it and I reckon we've got a cracker of a succession plan. Be good to have another Albury boy there w Crossy, haha
  3. Adelaide - Dont mind from time to time, just depends on my mood Brisbane - Despise them with a passion! Carlton - ^^^^ Collingwood - ^^^^ Essendon - ^^^^ Fremantle - Pretty ambivalent, however would've liked to see them win the flag, just for a change Geelong - Have no reason to dislike them really, but I'm just sooooo sick and tired of them winning! Gold Coast - For some reason, Don't mind them at all. Think they went about their recruiting etc in a decent manner, as opposed to below. GWS - Hatred started w $cullygate, and it'll never go away Hawthorn - Always had a soft spot for them, as when I started following footy I had to choose a team, and it came down to the Dees and Hawks. Some may argue I chose wrong, but I just tell them to pi$$ off, haha North Melbourne - Meh Port Adelaide - Enjoyed watching them play last year, but I don't call that a like Richmond - For some reason, I like em. Don't know what it is, but it is what it is St Kilda - Theres something I just really don't like about the Saints. Cant put a finger on it, they just seem like a crappy team, even when they're playing good Sydney - Live in Sydney, and am happy to cheer them on over most other teams West Coast - Nup. Never liked em. Never will. Although I would love LeCras Western Bulldogs - Didn't mind them for a few years there, cause I used to kick around w Daniel Cross a bit back in Albury, but now that he plays for the Dees, the Doggies can take a leap, hahahaha.
  4. Point taken DL, I'll delete my posts. I never thought of that, just wanted to share some joy
  5. From what I read in that article, it sounds to me as though he does alot of good work to help other people in his spare time. I seem to remember alot of people loving that about big Jim as much as his footy exploits. The fact that not only was he a good footy player, but he was a good human as well. Does nothing to tell me that he shouldn't be at the MFC, if anything, makes him more attractive because people who do good bring alot of goodwill and exposure with them. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but was he not at work? From the sounds of what I've heard, Buckley tried to belittle and embarrass him in front of the playing group, which to me says that he was well and truly within his right to tell him to shove it. If true that it kept going via text, then even more so. Nathan Buckley is a Manager, a person of authority who cannot get away with this sort of behaviour, should not be able to get away with that sort of behaviour, and nor should anybody else. If true, Bucks should, and I'd say would, get reamed for this. CFC is not a country footy club.
  6. Well that was nice to see. Tommy Mac, Toumpas, Howie, Watts, Terlich, M Jones and a few others all playing really well. It is nice to watch your team play some good football for once, haha. Shame the lead doesn't mirror the way we smashed them in the stats, but it is nice to take a lead to the first change anyway. Let's hope we can keep this up
  7. Headhunt for sure. Perhaps some bloke from FoxSports..........
  8. From the outside, it seemed as though Don was trying hard, but he really was on a hiding to nowhere unfortunately. I'm absolutely wrapt that these changes are happening, and truly feel that Peter Jackson is the man to steer this ship through the reef. Hope I'm not wrong, but time will tell. As for Kennett, well, I just don't know. He's definitely a proper goose, but at the same time his record speaks for itself. The whole thing of him bleeding gold and brown truly is a non-issue though. Most of our players weren't Dees fans as kids. His past attitude towards the club scares me a bit, and also the thought that maybe the Commission has something to do with all this as well, but that's a separate issue. It is the same as politics really. One party is proud of their record of putting females in cabinet positions, the other gets criticised for not having enough women in their cabinet. But at the end of the day, it is nothing to do with who you are (ie, female, male, ex Hawks prez etc) but everything to do with whether or not you are capable, experience, qualified, willing, keen, and able to take on what is a massive task.
  9. Matty Knights would not get my vote. Crappy gameplan and no personality. I will give him that he built a decent list, and was definitely undermined severely, but surely it is clear to all and sundry by now that mediocre will no longer do. We need to be bold and fight for our future. Fight for the best coach there is. If he "isn't available", do every bloody thing possible to make sure that he becomes available.If we want our players to attack and fight on field for the win, then it must begin at the top.
  10. I don't even listen to his pressers anymore, and havent done for a while now. Just irks me too much, even though I am in somewhat of a state of footy catatonia, where I really don't care anymore.
  11. Wish he would, but unfortunately I honestly can't see it happening. If we don't get better, I can't see that he will last the year, but I don't think it will happen just yet.
  12. Couldn't agree more, although I will add Dawes to that list. He couldve worked harder, but that could be due to his injury, but when he actually got a decent kick to advantage, his next kicks were very nice indeed. I'll expect more from him in the future, but he gets a pass mark for me today.
  13. I'll give him a pass mark. Just. And to be honest, he's about the only one. At the end of the day, it does't matter how well he started, they all ended up not trying.
  14. Won't argue with you on any point there, other than Howe. He may have F'd up, but I really do think it's a bit rich to bring Howe in for criticism on marking. He has enough form to forgive an anomaly.
  15. I haven't seen it yet, but will be looking for it as soon as I can find it. At the end of the day though, If Neeld can't do the job he was hired for, I have no sympathy because I am the lifelong supporter hurting, not him. I will not feel sorry for anyone who makes me feel as sh!t as I do right now, not if they aren't lifelong, heart beats true supporters. Not the players, FD or Admin.
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