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  1. I think I've said something like this before but if you picked teams using the old school method of lining everyone up against the shelter shed and the captains selecting their teams one at a time does anyone think they would care too much about what champion data has to say?

    I was always one of the last picked. Thanks for reminding me.

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  2. Clearly a ripping bloke. But repeated turnovers are soul destroying for a side. Hopefully he can improve that part of his game. Otherwise I agree with the majority that a tagger with poor skills is a relic of a bygone era.

    On that same topic, my favourite coach was Swooper Northey. He got the most out of the playing group. But football's way more sophisticated these days. The days of ranting and raving are pretty much over. (Alan Killigrew RIP). It's about developing plans and systems. Not so many one on ones these days. It's more about excellent skills and keeping possession which is why turnovers are murder.

  3. Is a med student an abject failure because he hasn't yet cured cancer. Give it some time.

    Chook, with the utmost respect, I don't think that's a great analogy.

    I think it is a slightly bigger ask for a medical student (let alone a team of highly professional and experienced medical researchers with massive financial backing) to develop a cure for cancer than for Brian Royal to improve the MFC midfield.

    if a med student could improve the standard of the MFC, then perhaps that option could be investigated? And Mr Royal could work on the cancer cure.

  4. I am ridiculously fussy when it comes to films. One of the worst films I have ever seen is Red Dog. Corny, dreadfully overacted. If I hadnt taken my daughter to that film, I would have walked out half way.

    I re-watched The Elephant Man the other day. Now there's a film! John Hurt's performance was brilliant. He was beaten to the Best Actor Oscar by De Niro in Raging Bull. The film was beautifully made and acted.

    Another one i really liked was American Beauty.

    As for comedies, my favourites are Napoleon Dynamite and Groundhog Day.

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  5. Missing Mitch for the start of 2013 is not the end of the world as we have some new players to test and kids to expose to afl, but a few things that hurt us without Mitch

    He is going to be a big part in changing our habits to winnings ways

    He is still a younger player himself, and every minute he misses is a minute of development he misses

    Mitch will make Dawes and pedo and even howe better! He's aggressive, and takes the number 1 defender away from a bloke like Dawes who needs the confidence

    And for once I would like to start a season well, maybe crush port round 1

    I know if we wanna be any good we can't depend on one player, and we must take it easy with Mitch, but gee he makes our side look so much better!

    Not the end of the world? You can't be serious!!

  6. Evans debut game for MFC was underrated. Was against the Saints in rd 9 2011 at Etihad and picked up about 27 touches. He looked like he belonged but his disposal was a bit suspect. I agree that these 2 could be big surprises in 2013.

    I was at that match. Yes, he got a lot of touches, but Saints didn't bother manning up on him at all. Presumably because he did no damage when he got the ball.

    I certainly hope he succeeds, but I don't think you could read much into his performance that day.

  7. one of my oldest mates lives in East Bentleigh & the land value has skyrocketed in the last 5 years or so.

    It is now classed as inner city.

    In 10 years the club could name it's price.

    That is a huge block for apartments potentially.

    I am a grammar Nazi. "Its" as you have used it is a pronoun. Pronouns do not have apostrophes. Or to put it another way pron'oun's do no't have apo'strophe's.

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