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  1. Cannot blame poor player development, we now have in Brendan McCartney who is known as best in business. Like Toumpas there are players who are just not up to it, give JKH another year though, he's still young!!
  2. He grew up in Craigeburn FFS, that's all that needs to be known
  3. Horrible show but can be like watching a car crash
  4. He's owned up to it, nothing will happen apart from a fine
  5. Reckon Kennedy too old to waste pick 3 on, he's 27 with 3-4 good years left
  6. Couldn't give a rats tossbag he's gone, very average player who very occcasionally did something spectacular, same as Natanui, media have orgasms over them doing 3 things a year
  7. Haha first thing I heard too, Peter Griffin......singing bird bird bird is the word
  8. He declined lap of honour for fear of racists in crowd, and with thousands of West Australians there I reckon he's done right thing, don't want to give scumbags ammo
  9. Wel done to the Huff, not that obscure, been reading it for years, good fair journalism, unlike Newscorp or anything with Murdoch's fingerprints on it.
  10. Now the imbecile Abbott is gone and he's taken imbecile number 2 with him in Hockey, we just have to prove Turnbull is just another right wing nut job but in an articulate package. Abbott is a twit and easy to be rid of because of his IQ being in single digits, it was to be his downfall in the end. Abbott only knew one way and that was to bully and stand over people, and Hockey was a dumb fat idiot! Turnbull different kettle of fish but he will be brought down soon because he's in a party that is full of right wing extremists, people are realising the conservatives are delusional and dangerous!
  11. Never thought I'd say this but Pedo is hard at it and good value
  12. Hogan will probably sign next year, he's still with us till '17
  13. Says in article that we are his likely destination, so we must have been talking to him
  14. Stop the boats, Stopped carbon tax, abolish mining tax, thats all he did and are they good things? He lied on just about everything, people like you who don't see the lies and deceit by Abbott&co are rusted on conservatives who would vote that way if Pauline Hansen were the leader
  15. Yeah, Shorten too right wing for a real Labour man
  16. Stevens can certainly hold a grudge, it was over a decade ago FFS, get over it buddy
  17. Worst PM in history of Australia, Billy McMahon's family can now say our Billy wasn't the worst PM because Tony 'lizard man' Abbott takes the title....good riddance you racist, sexist. homophobic turd!!!
  18. I hate this piece of dogshyte, he is the most loathesome person in media, hate the turd and will not listen to him again
  19. If they wanted to trade Watts don't reckon would have dropped him, reckon he'll play anyway
  20. Also saw interview with Robbo and Howe on Melbournefc.com.au and he seems to be saying all right things about staying but reckon he's gone
  21. Watched last weeks game again today and Watts was found wanting last week, lacking in confidence and deserved to be dropped
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