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  1. Well you could have been my friend WCW but you foolishly knocked back my invitation to a classy night out at Hooters.
  2. In an alternative universe, Liam Jurrah announced his retirement after a glittering AfL career that included multiple All Australian blazers, 3 Coleman Medals and a Premiership.
  3. I backed him pre season at $10.00 - he bloody better win as my punting bank has taken a fair hit of late.
  4. I reckon quoting Cornes on Demonland should be prohibited ! He is a dead set [censored] sucker . Always looking for a headline. I can't remember him ever making a useful comment.
  5. Aren't you going to defend the inference that you have a "giant head" WCW?
  6. I had visitors last night, one of whom is from the Rep of Ireland and they showed me a selection of Twitter posts from that country referring to the Queen's passing. I could not believe the vitriol! I won't provide any examples but the word "disrespectful" does not go near it. Some of comments drew on events that happened hundreds of years ago. The hatred was clearly abiding and visceral.
  7. poor conversion on our part has kept Brisbane in it
  8. FMD !!! Looks like a Zomby homocidial maniac !
  9. If you die it's all on @WalkingCivilWar deever ! I doubt she'd feel any guilt though.
  10. You should have sneaked the single malt in with you od !
  11. Currently watching the dockers v dogs sheilas game. Tough contest and good skills
  12. FMD !! When I saw the thread title , I first thought of that dirty knee raising septic tank, who is not worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Max. However, the bloke above is - a great player. The stats do, however, support my contention ( as stated previously, many times, on "land) that Max is the best ruckman I've seen in my many decades of following footy.
  13. Why would you put Pizza in your book Fire? Just fold the corner over.
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