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  1. Geez I can't stand that [censored] Lynch!!!!
  2. We all love and are passionate about our footy ....and that's a great thing ....but it's only a game ..a pastime. Ceremonies like this remind us to keep perspective and honour those who allowed us to continue to enjoy our fortunate lifestyle!
  3. I don't mind the intent of the rule at all. It's the application that concerns/irritates/confuses me!
  4. Not injured according to the commentators. Simply managed time - for whatever reason.
  5. Costly fumble in the square! Who was that?
  6. I'm calling BS picket! You'll be snapping a cap well before 5.00 !!!!! The sun's already over the yardarm !!!
  7. Hahah I'm confident in predicting that @picket fence won't be drinking much water !!!!
  8. I reckon this will be a close one - for about 15 minutes. It's pretty good to be our shoes at the moment. Two of the best defenders going around are out of our side yet we can bring in quality like Petty and Smith and still have Tommo waiting for a shot. I can't see geriatric Jack doing much damage and Lynch is a frontrunner. Without their main man Dusty they lack both fire power and muscle. Really keen to watch Dunstan in the middle and also Sparrow with extra responsibility. Hope Weid and BBB don't run into each other but I reckon Kozzie will thrive on the big stage and clean up. Dees 30+ In a moment of rare generosity I've given The Manor's domestic staff the weekend off! I even shouted them a camping site (non powered) in the hills. I imagine they've well and truly pitched their tents by now!
  9. It's been a long day. I'm refluxing shiraz so it's bedtime. I'm marking Carlton as pretenders!
  10. Cripps would go alright in a good side
  11. You're all over it Ralph !!!! They are pizz ants!
  12. Gotta love being the undefeated premier team ! You can hang [censored] on everyone !!!
  13. Fair go Rab !!! Carlton are the premiership favourites ....... on their website anyway
  14. I know Ive just tuned in and it's not half time yet ...... but ...[censored] me ....The Premiers are in trouble.
  15. The sad day is approaching where the only way to watch sport ( other than attending) will be via some sort of pay for view service.
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