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  1. And to offer himself up as a coach in a package deal.
  2. I’m surprised Barry P didn’t recruit him during his golden recruiting era.
  3. Good god man, no. Is that you Barry Prendegast ?
  4. Not sure I agree. dogs bat really deep. i think dogs, Dees, Giants and the Suns will start to overtake the current leaders sooner rather than later.
  5. not a bad thought. Spencer up for Dawes. Get spencer to ruck most of the game and leave Max up forward to clunk a few. cant be worse than watching bucket hands Dawes get nowhere near it. not much point putting hullet or weed up yet if they're not ready.
  6. Don't think weed or hullett are ready from what I've seen in vfl either. dunn not injured though. He played against Richmond in vfl yesterday
  7. Thought he was ok but on top of the fumble also had a couple of other costly turnovers that resulted in goals. not best 22 once younger mids are ready but serviceable depth for mine.
  8. Never. Number 18, razor Ray was appalling. It really felt like he had an active bias against us today for three and a half quarters, then pulled one or two late to make it feel less one sided.
  9. I think the club is doing a good job keeping supporters informed through pr etc. those who are complaining either haven't been supporters for a long time or have short term memories. Has improved out of sight over the years.
  10. Did you see big sauce against us this year? he is well and truly cooked. i really liked him in his prime but the game has past him by.
  11. Why does Wagner keep getting selected? he is Vfl standard at best.bis Wagner German for turnover?
  12. Was a good player in his prime the big sauce. Watching him on the weekend, it is clear the game has well and truly past him by. This season might be his last I would think.
  13. Thought t Mac played really well against lions. Incredible athleticism and didn't try and do too much with ball in hand. seems a pretty serious and unexcitable kind of a guy, so not sure I would read too much into how he sings the song post game
  14. I'm hoping I missed your sarcasm with this one.
  15. Close. I agree with your outs but I would have Kent, ANB (who i watched at sandy last week and he smashed it) and either Dunn/omac newton next in line but with interrupted preseason probably need one or two more at vfl level
  16. Interesting. I am a bit of a basket case as well. anything single handed I am right (dominant side) so writing, bowling in crickey, kicking etc. but anything double handed such as batting, hand balling etc I am left. dancing to the beat of a different drum I like to call it!
  17. Turnover and Dawes spots up weed who is now getting reward for effort. Credit to dawesy, as despite competing for the same spot, looks like he has really taken the young weed under his wing. They've worked well together today.
  18. Anb hands in close are a thing of beauty. Tackles hard too. i know it is hard to break into seniors midfield at the moment, but he surely must be close. Had the ball on a string today.
  19. We are building some real depth at casey, good to see. sandy not a bad side either. scorps should finish right up the pointy end this year.
  20. Casey 34 points up and will win comfortably despite sandy playing ok against the wind. Newton ok ok and back on ground.
  21. Now hullett matches it with another beauty
  22. Weideman kicks a ripper over the shoulder. Can play.
  23. Newton off with a shoulder. so frost, brayshaw and Newton unable to complete games. dawes kicks another one for casey.
  24. Dawes getting a lot of it. missed a few goals but playing well.
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