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  1. Guy is a pea heart. Was prepared to support him up til now, but not any longer. So soft. Plays on his terms. Doesn't go when required. Doesn't bleed for the club. Massive disappointment.
  2. Say what you want about Bailey but 8 and a half wins without Clark, beats one proper win every time. I went to training a number of times and at times it was bordering on overtraining. One session went for 3.5 hours at good intensity.
  3. Must all Demonland posters use the whilst. Sounds so pompous! Now on topic, Jordie needs a few more strings to his bow. Just being a negator doesn't cut it if you line up in the centre square at every bounce.
  4. I'd prefer Chip go to the Anthony Ingerson school of defence. Start making his opponents earn their kicks. Ingerson's opponents would think twice when marking in front. Walker hardly had any physical pressure all day.
  5. What a way to celebrate 100 games. Pathetic.
  6. Positives Contested ball is better. Howe shows potential. Jones has been excellent. Tom McD should make it if he improves disposal. Grimes has played all season. Blease has shown a bit. Watts may have found his best position. Casey are performing well under B Lovett. Clark is an elite kick but too courageous for his own good. Club seems to have sorted the sooks from the men.
  7. One year contract. MacDonald has also earned another year. I fear for the future of Bate, Bennel, Beamer, Bartram, Morton, Petterd and Davis.
  8. Sort of bloke, if you traded would star at another club. Has all the tools. Gets marked too hard by most Dee supporters.
  9. Biffin, Tom McD had five kicked on him. Strange that you have him as Melb's fourth best player!
  10. 6. MacDonald 5 Blease 4 Spencer 3 Grimes 2 Dunn 1 Jetta.
  11. Neeld's modus operandi appears to be contested ball. So I'd imagine he would look very closely at trading Bennell, Morton, Watts, Martin, Jurrah and Davey. Then there are guys such as Petterd, that have some currency.
  12. Kicking/decision making is a huge concer but like his run and one percenters.
  13. Did nothing apart from consistently turn it over.
  14. 6 Jones 5 Green 4 Howe 3 Sylvia 2 Grimes 1 Trengove
  15. It maybe bad karma but Collingwood, West Coast and to a lesser extent the Bulldogs under Rhode did it. It is how it is presented to the players that is important. Melb's problems can be laid fairly and squarely in the hands of recruiting and player development.
  16. Can't believe some want Sellar out. Did a good job for mine. I'd drop Garland, for Watts and bring Gysberts in for Bail.
  17. Any good midfield coaches in the draft?
  18. Love to know what the coach is thinking in setting up our forward line. Directionless.
  19. The Stephane Martin Experience is back, as is Gysberts.
  20. 6 Jones 5 Watts 4 Jamar (I'm surprised at the lack of love in the votes. He dominated and was the reason we won so many clearances.) 3 Clark 2 Rivers 1 McDonald.
  21. Good: Jones, Clark, Jamar, defenders kicking goals, Sylvia bursting through packs. Davey looking better. Blease's goal. Watts. Dunny's torp. Sellar. JT's last quarter mark. Bad: Magner's first half. Tom Mc Donald's disposal, Clark's injury, Brent Moloney. Ugly: $cully family.
  22. Tom Mac's kicking is atrocious. Magner looks horrible. Sylvia, Clark, Mckenzie, Jones, Sellar, Dunn etc have been good.
  23. 6. Rivers. 5. Watts 4. Grimes 3. Howe 2. Nicholson 1. Tapscott/Jones/Garland As for the Trengove comments. I thought he played a solid game. Linked up well, ran all night. Hard at it.
  24. So if Bartram didn't play on Dalhuis last match who did?
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