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  1. I guess this is a combination of invisible and invincible? If he can't get over his injuries he could be 'invisible'. At 29, this is a real possibility. Or if he can, maybe he'll be 'invincible' playing second fiddle to Gawn? A big gamble! Or Jason Taylor can find another young gun with the draft capital available and we unearth another star to learn under Gawn.
  2. Has had it most of the year and even last season. Assuming the strapping gives him some relief. Maybe even holds it all together. 😀
  3. Let Jason Taylor find another young gun. I have the feeling we've seen the best of Grundy.
  4. Anyone know how Salem is going? Fairly important bloke to have up and going especially in finals. His physicality and one-on-one ability can be underrated...
  5. Incredible at this time of year there is such a full list to choose from. Only missing Moniz Wakefield?
  6. Mmnn, interesting take. Brett was, of course, more of a half back who set up so many attacking forays but could also keep an opponent quiet. As for midfielders, I think Todd Viney is right up there. Was a big fan of Leoncelli, Jnr Mac, and Rigoni. Greg Wells would probably be up there as well.
  7. Geez, interesting votes in the last game. :) Reckon Goody may have sacrificed Tracc's votes for Clarry's. Many Demonlanders had Tracc BOG against Brisbane... Nonetheless an outstanding achievement for Touk and Clarry. Well deserved.
  8. Agree. So many factors at play. Overall fitness match fitness, recovery from VFL finals games, team balance, etc. Aside from these things, is the seriousness of the injury (lisfranc).
  9. You could try a regular Aussie hangout Belushi's on Rosa Luxemburg Strabe, but there's no guarantee they'll have the game on. You could ring beforehand. Otherwise there are a heap of illegal streams that are very reliable. Send me a message and I can provide the best ones...
  10. Not a rumour but more of a wish. Draper or Cox from the Bombers could be worth poaching.
  11. Fair selections. You'd reckon Oliver, Trac, May and Max will get jackets. Fritta and Brayshaw next season! Lingers struggled the second half of the year and many here were calling on Kozzie to be dropped half way through the year!
  12. The same Sam Reid that is 196cm tall? Job for Petty or Lever. May to take Buddy.
  13. Tigers midfield is bog ordinary. They won't be able to compete against the top four teams, even if Dusty returns. There'll be surprises though. Always are.
  14. I honestly think Neale will win it again. McCluggage is his only competition. If that scumbag Selwood didn't break Clarry's hand then I reckon he'd win it in a canter.
  15. Amazing game. As good as Curnow is he has six months to think what could have been.
  16. This sounds like Scott! He certainly enjoys himself at the footy...
  17. Someone earlier mentioned in the thread 'rope a dope'. A reference, of course, to Ali absorbing a heap of punishment and taking all Foreman could give and then letting lose after George was worn out A tongue in cheek comment no doubt. But the way we lead out of the forward line, spotted up targets, created space, and broke forward efficiency records signalled to me we have plenty up our sleeves! Even some of the loopy kicks forward hit their leading target last night. I remember when playing we had set leading lanes for our FF and CHF. We practiced them week after week. We identified set positions our forwards could run to and we had to kick to space. As far as I've seen, we haven't seen any of the plays used last night in the first 22 rounds. Jackson spotting up Brown. Fritta and Melk leading to space... Maybe I'm giving Goodwin too much credit but I think he still has a few tricks up his sleeve! Game on!
  18. Fair assessment! Kind to Gus but play on!
  19. Looked, confident, assured and determined. Stepped up with the absence of Salem.
  20. Have a look at Sparrow's second quarter. He was kamikaze in his attack on the ball and the man. Crazy good.
  21. I wasn't that impressed with ANB tonight, particularly with the ball but I can't see him getting dropped. Works so hard. Salo for Bowey.
  22. Mighty impressive performance. Trac was back tonight! Our barometer. Loved the straight kicking. Luke Jackson's best game since Gold Coast game. Beating up Brisbane is a good feeling! Clarry maybe a Brownlow vote or two? BBB brilliant. Hibbo's job on Cameron. May' physicality! Hunt great game for four quarters. Rivers excellent.
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