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  1. "Jacob van Rooyen and Josh Schache built on their forward chemistry ahead of the ball" Looks like this will probably be our starting tall forward line-up until Petty returns
  2. Choco came over for a chat He seemed very impressed with McAdam, pencil him in for a round 1 (or opening round 🙄) appearance Kosi on a different program because he just got back from SA and they don't want to overdo him. When I asked about TMac training with the backs he suggested I was an opposition scout 😂 and didn't go into any more detail. He confirmed #46 is Noah Yze training with them
  3. Cannot believe I'm saying this but Ben Brown looked really good. Took a strong contested mark and another on a lead
  4. Forwards vs defenders now Defenders start with the ball then work it out to miss who turn over then practice a forward entry Defenders: may, TMAC, Judd, bowey and disco? (I can't tell) Forwards: McAdams, jvr, Laurie, sesten and brown Similar thing happening on the other side of the ground but I'm too far to see any detail
  5. Currently doing ground ball gets or marks with tackling pressure. Notable absences - kosi and Fritta doing some running together. Oliver doing some running. And Gus doing a seperate drill with a trainer in the dreaded fluro cap
  6. Doesn't help when they're swapping shirts to confuse us, pretty sure I saw Viney in #35 just before but who knows
  7. Pretty sure I just saw billings in #33 getting called JB so maybe him and Fullarton have swapped jumpers
  8. Kosi and Fritta doing some running seperate to the group.
  9. Split into two groups doing a drill working the ball up the wing to a leading target with some defenders. Leading targets started brown, Jefferson, jvr and sestan. Now schache, McAdam, brown and someone wearing #14 I don't recognise
  10. Tyla hanks is here. Not sure if she's helping out with the session or just watching.
  11. Oliver kicking to Fritta on a lead, both clearly doing a modified program to main group. Salem wandered off somewhere also not with the main group
  12. Time trials done. All going over to get a much needed drink. They picked a rough day to do time trials, might only be 10am but in the sun it's bloody hot
  13. Looks like it, they're doing it in groups so it's a bit hard to tell who's in the rehab group and who's just not doing theirs currently. Oliver, Fritsch, Salem and a kid in #46 I don't recognise look like they're doing the rehab program. Tommo and nibbler are miles ahead of their group and almost racing each other with tommo just pulling ahead
  14. Doing his time trial currently, appears to be with the main group
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