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  1. What a coincidence !! Gun debut by Kade Chandler kicking three goals in 'A' practice game against Richmond today I did some research and Chandler is GOLD Player Sponsored by Peter Lawrence, the candidate Bartlett effectively disenfranchised from the Board elections. Our Club just lost a Director Candidate who knows his footy, AND puts his money into it. Pretty rare that. Stand by FOI for voting results ......
  2. OMG Richardson doesn't know who's 'running around' in game B - what a bag of wind he is ! GREAT win Dees Pity Casey is 100 kms away and no train station. Apologies Richardson, it was Balme. But you're still a bag of wind !
  3. Under Bartlett's presidency we have had one chance to cast a vote for a Board candidate that was not of Bartlett's choosing. Candidates were limited to 150 words, electioneering was forbidden, the president sent pages of reasons why the unapproved candidate should not be chosen. Despite requests, the results of the election have not been made available. The president simply announced at the AGM the election of his four nominated directors. Dear members of my club, we do not even know how many of us voted and for whom. Yesterday I sent a request under FOI legislation requesting t
  4. And OD There's a frightening amount of 'hope' and 'reading between the lines' and 'feeling in my waters' stuff here. I also share your wishful thinking. BUT, as wish as we may, Bartlett will not deliver.
  5. You haven't been there Macca obviously. No offense but the projector screening an interstate game onto the wall was a bit clunky and a little out of focus.
  6. BDA : I have no issue with the relinquishment of an insidious revenue source of income from gambling. But it is no furphy raising alternative revenue streams when the equivalent to the forgone gambling income, based on the year before Covid is in the order of $200 for each financial voting member each year. That is not going to happen. So where is the alternative revenue stream ? Any ideas welcome. The Board has had none so far.
  7. Do you believe that as members eligible to vote, that you were given a reasonable opportunity to participate in the AGM? Participation in this respect is the opportunity to vote in a fair and open ballot. 1. The interactive Q+A chat function was deactivated 2. The set piece questions were preferentially selected or not answered 3. Claims the election process was not fair or open were further enforced by the withholding of voting data.
  8. The official financial membership of our Melbourne Football Club of those who are eligible to vote is a fundamental right to know. And we don't! We also don't know how many of those members voted in the Directors ballot. We also don't know the number of votes received by each of the candidates and that is also a fundamental right to know. To withhold that information leaves me, and I believe all of us, unable to determine if the dis-endorsed candidate received more votes as an individual than the box trifecta put forward by the President. Can the Club please enlighten
  9. Patience for more of the same ? This AGM was a black hole. Presented by a president that was at best lacklustre, vague and appallingly dishevelled appearance. So much so, it's generating the many comments that he must be unwell. Compounding this problem is a Board of, in his own words, his own approved appointments. Like BB, I found the President's exclusion of a nominee, one nominee, not befitting his mould, sent the clear signal to me of mistrust and arrogance. Like BDA, it's correct the leadtime for major project construction today in Victoria is at least two years. The tim
  10. Yes, I stuck it out. Thank goodness I had access to my room temperature controlled wine cabinet. Nothing re muzzling, just a weasel word justification of 'acceptable' directors The Q and A on-line zoom function wasn't connected (I tried) either. The formatted Questions were hand picked for Dorothy Dix, and my question was answered in such a way that it raised more questions. (Just one real estate agent opinion? And veted by the E/Y auditor? What's does that mean? Checked it for spelling?) This further raises the conduct of this on-line AGM which I will raise in another post today
  11. I did not suggest President Green !!!
  12. How bad do you want it to get?
  13. Love it Rab ! I couldn't stop thinking of the Flying Nun. Whatever, not a good look for a Chairman. Ooops I mean SNAG El Presidenteee
  14. Regarding the Clubs membership and on the topic of waffle, Pert through in two half sentences a couple of numbers related to MCC members nominating the MFC affiliation. I got the impression that a small donation is made to our club as a result. Does anyone know this detail. Critically, he dropped the number of MCC members in this sentence of 12,000. I'll stop the waffle! The Financials say the Melbourne membership dropped from 50,000 to 40,000 over 2020 and Covid. I now believe our Club is counting MCC affiliates and our true membership is around 28,000. Repeat, I believe the MFC mem
  15. Another piece of waffle and obfuscation but approximately he said Minister Pakula or the Premier will be the ones making the announcement as the Victorian government owns the land, and then the AFL will decide as it is not our land and then we will have a say. Basically
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