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  1. Playing the Dees took it out of them.
  2. Forecast crowd 61k and it feels fairly quiet
  3. The most positive assessment I can come up with is that we were beaten by a team who will play in the GF, assisted by some generous umpiring. Dees were a metre off all night and if we can clean that up, there’s plenty of hope.
  4. Well done to MFC for a great public event. Players looked most impressive. TMac looking v good training with the seconds. Moving really well.
  5. Pretty poor coverage with replays often taking precedence over live action, overlaid by commentary box prattle.
  6. Kudos to ANB in the pocket for extracting the ball from somewhere in the Earth’s core to feed out a handball that led to a goal at a vital time.
  7. Outplayed, insufficient first options, turnovers. Remarkable that we’re so close on the scoreboard.
  8. Let’s hope he breaks Jake Bowey’s record.
  9. 14 disposals last week, so I like the idea of a rest rather than dropped through poor form. He’s been pretty good all year.
  10. Just 2 players different from the premiership team.
  11. Members’ wing at the MCG. Ball kicked high towards Robbie and his opponent. No other players near. There was never a question as to who would weave left, weave right, win the contest, grab the ball and kick it long towards the Melbourne goal.
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