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  1. Had we been told in 2019 that come 2021, we would have experienced a worldwide pandemic and the Demons on top of the ladder after 7 rounds, it wouldn’t have been the pandemic that would have surprised us the most.
  2. Warren Dean was one of the finest kicks I have seen in many decades following the Dees.
  3. Apparently there’s an AGM on now. I registered last month and received this: ‘Thank you for registering to attend the Melbourne Football Club Annual General Meeting. The event will take place via Zoom on Monday 15 February at 6.30pm (AEDT). You will receive a unique link to the session via email on the day of the event.’ I received nothing. Hope the on-field performance this year is better than the off-field. Not impressed.
  4. Good topic for this time of the year. We could augment it by trying to track the most recent drop kick deployed in a game. I recall Bill Nettlefold gleefully kicking one in what I think was his final game for the Dees in 1982 at the MCG. It was probably in the reserves curtain raiser.
  5. Great news. (And he's just started his run up for his first round 1 shot at goal.)
  6. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/free-agency-a-disaster-of-the-afl-s-making-20201019-p566lc.html Makes some good points and highlights a fundamental problem confronting the AFL - and the Dees unless we improve.
  7. In favour of a review is the lack of transparency associated with AFL operations and decisions. For example, the other day I decided to properly test the widely held theory that tribunal decisions are biased in favour of high profile players. ANB copping 4 matches; Lynch getting a small fine, albeit for a far less serious incident. Ok, I decided, I’ll plot penalties against player rankings. But no, the AFL appears not to publish a list of tribunal findings. To complete the exercise, I’d need to check media reports round by round and compile my own penalty list. How weak is that - a billion dol
  8. I assumed that the headline meant an operating table.
  9. So pleased he’s done a ‘deep dive’ rather than a thorough analysis.
  10. Wonderful, but makes you realise how long it has been since the Demons won a premiership.
  11. Some of those games during the year that we should have won had me thinking we need a new coach. However, if you look objectively at the playing list, on balance it’s an average side - a few outstanding players, some duds and lots of middling players. This average side is going to finish the season around 8th or 9th. So, we are an average side finishing in a middling position on the ladder. So just maybe we’re - including me - being too harsh on Goodwin. If my analysis is correct, ascending the ladder requires outstanding recruitment, which will have to largely be by trading, and success
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