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  1. Was it confirmed to be him in that marking contest pic? If so, what's the chances of him going forward? Could he be the next Robbo??? Can he play guitar?
  2. If he keeps growing they might start calling him Rogue Elephant?
  3. Had no choice after his first half in the VFL grand final. Was some performance. Hoping he can replicate that at AFL level in '23, and really push on now.
  4. I reckon Cyndi Lauper was onto something! They're having a fantastic time, and working their butts off at the same time. Couldn't ask for more. It' been great watching them this season, they're playing a very exciting brand of footy.
  5. May as well have a vegemite sandwich while watching ;)
  6. I thought we earned the right to have a home final?
  7. Any chance we package up some future picks to have a crack at the bombers pick 4? I thought I heard it was on the table?
  8. I'll rephrase. Hopefully Lachie can bring over some of the bulldogs secrets regarding free kicks
  9. Bugger, wish we didn't go early on the Weideman trade🤣
  10. I reckon it's more like Aldi Cola for Tab, but the analogy is probably right.
  11. Definitely. Treloar was back ended. The Grundy contract means Collingwood get rear ended🤣
  12. I can't believe nobody's asked the biggest question of all yet. If everybody 'knows' Valvoline is the best oil, why do they have to keep telling us? Anyway, that's enough for me - got other things to do, I'm off to install a Rheem, install a Rheem, install a Rheem
  13. Agreed. They would need to include a tonne of lube in that deal
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