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  1. Seeing tipungwuti create havoc for us shows the importance of chasing a Saad/Zac Williams type this off season.
  2. Need to be professional in the 3rd to kill any hope for the Bombers. They are in horrible form but can pile on a few quick.
  3. I was otherwise consumed last night so didn't watch the game live. I watched it this morning despite my better judgment and have come away feeling really confused. The overriding reality is that we were dismantled far too easily and embarrassed on the scoreboard. But there were bits I liked from certain players. The worrying sign is that our game plan looks like it needs a major overhaul and quickly. The positive for me is that I think it can be a quick fix if the coaching staff have the courage to mix things up. If not, it smells a lot like the Bulldogs post their premiership year.
  4. As much as I would love the win, I am more keen on seeing a shift to the style we played during the back end of last year (excluding the prelim of course). I think the next 3 are winnable and some momentum leading into those is key. I love the ins and I feel they will give the playing group a lift. Big Max has been under scrutiny this week and if I think I know the kind of bloke he is, I expect a response today. I have a very close eye on Petracca as I haven't really been sold on his development. If he is to be a "match winner" through magnificent efforts in short spurts then he has to hit the scoreboard like De Goey can. I'm predicting a close win but won't be too disappointed if we lose and its evident they are heading back to the style and hunger that will get the wins going forward. Best of luck to young Jay, just love these types of stories!
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