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  1. With Fritter now free to play, this is what I would do, but I suspect Goody won't drop Melksham.
  2. FREEEEEEETEER Great outcome, was honestly not expecting such good news. Mostly because, well, you can insert most things that have happened to/at this club over the last xx years. Now let's get those Swans. We've lost a few we shouldn't have, time to start payback.
  3. The most important thing is we got the 4 points. Fritter capitalised. Kosi was electric, Salem was solid. But geez not convincing at all. And to top it off, Tomlinson ☹️ Weird to say it after a win, but we have to dust ourselves off after this and bounce back hard next week as the Swans won't be easy. But a win is a win, again, past Demons would have lost this one.
  4. Completely agree. He's hard to gauge because he rarely has 'big' games stats wise, but he's smart and can be deadly by foot. He just comes under the spotlight a lot more when everyone else is firing.
  5. It's great that we're capitalising on Fritter given that we may lose him for a week.
  6. KOSSIE! That moment is a shining light in an otherwise dark day! Let's hope that lights a spark!
  7. Getting schooled by these spuds. If we don't come out breathing fire and somehow remembering how to play the game, the big ole question mark will be well and truly over our heads again (rightfully).
  8. Oskar poor. I thought our days of persisting with VFL standard players in the firsts was over.
  9. Melksham's best delivery into the 50 Langdon should have gotten a free Needed that goal
  10. Not how I saw BB's first goal (the first one was more like it, and likely a goal anyway), but I'll take it!
  11. Pathetic. Nobody's running. F50 entry (on the few occasions we have found the ball) has been poor. Getting smoked
  12. I never thought this was going to be an annihilation. It's the sort of game that has historically bothered us. Plus the Roos have a spell on us for whatever reason. I expected a contest from a team with nothing to lose and everything to prove. But we're getting carved up here. Our goals were largely lucky. We better come out a different team or it'll potentially be a very embarrassing day.
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