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  1. Hi DeeVoted Deeztroy last year and same this year was in the Stynes league last year. I have managed to joint the code you listed above. Cheers.
  2. Hi DeeVoted, I'm interested for the comp again. Previous team name was The Tankers or just Tankers. This years team name is Deeztroy. I have been in the Robbie Flower league previously but I think I joined late last year and was in the Barassi league. Thanks.
  3. If Hogan Left for WA we would have 2 first rounders min. Lever and Gibbs both cost 2 and good young forwards are harder to find. But if that did play out I wouldn't be surprised if they send both picks and a sack of gold straight to GCS for Lynch to try and replace him.
  4. Hi DeeVoted, I would like to play again this year. This years name is "The Tankers" I think last year the name was just "Tankers" I was in the Robbie Flower league last year if that helps. Cheers
  5. I second that! Would be awesome to see that draft year put right ha ha. Would be an great midfield to watch as well.
  6. I was going to say Hibberd has been known to kick some long bombs as well.
  7. I was quite happy the way the deal turned out from the beginning. Tyson was a pick 3 in his draft year so one spot difference in quality there and we get Salem at pick 9 (so 2 top 10 players for the 1 pick). I did hear that year we were looking at Freeman pretty heavily as well so I'm, very glad we ended up with Salem. Hopefully now he has his condition under control he will have a break out year.
  8. This is a AFL.com peice from the Dees website but I do agree with it. Obviously you could swap some positions around but I reckon the 22 are right. Some people have Pedo over Weids but I think we need to get more games into Weids. B: Neville Jetta, Tom McDonald, Michael Hibberd HB: Jayden Hunt, Oscar McDonald, Christian Salem C: Dom Tyson, Nathan Jones, Bernie Vince HF: Dean Kent, Sam Weideman, Christian Petracca F: Jeff Garlett, Jesse Hogan, Jack Watts R: Max Gawn, Jordan Lewis, Jack Viney INT: Jake Melksham, Angus Brayshaw, Clayton Oliver, Cam Pedersen EMERG: Tomas Bugg, James Harmes, Sam Frost
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