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  1. Spoke to my mate yesterday about Barlow. He says GC has offered him a longer contract and on much bigger $$ than what we have. He also say because Barlow came into the system late and is getting on in age in footy terms we might lose out on this one now. He was totally confident a few weeks ago we would land him but not so much now. Oh oh well let's see what plays out.
  2. Hate the bloody Hawks but you have to admire there ability to get the player they want. Traelor - Two times pick seven. Carlisle - Pick five. Prestia - Likely pick six. And Tom Mitchell to the Hawks for pick 14. Burger me......... To top it off we're struggling to do a deal to get Hibberd maybe we need Graham Wright to come and negotiate for us
  3. Spoke to my contact last night and to cut a long story short Jesse will be playing for MFC next year and club is more than confident we will get a signature this week.
  4. Was valued at 9M when we took it over in 2011 on a 10 year agreement. Land alone would have to be worth a crap load. Would be an awesome cash grab for the club if we could develop it and sell it off.
  5. All too true. We've also used the bentleigh club for some of our functions that I've attended. Anyway was was thinking about the bentleigh club the other day. Do we take full ownership of it? If so when? Will we likely sell it to developors and make a bucket load of $$$? its in a crap spot for a pub/bistro etc. Anyway I'm sure it has been discussed in here but just wanted to know where we stand. Thanks heaps
  6. And that's what I'm hearing. The MFC don't know. RB like you I've been told that he has had a number of offers infront of him.
  7. Dee's really need some more run and carry. JJ and the dogs really showed that today
  8. Tipping the swans to win easily. The dogs sort of remind me of the Dee's in 2000. Having said that no one was going to beat Essendon that year.
  9. BA, I think all clubs have the same salary cap next year. Lions, Suns, Swans and Giants are just left with the academy zones in which is just as much and if not more of an unfair advantage.
  10. And that's what the problem is. No one except Jesse and him manager know what his thinking right now.
  11. Guys, spoke to my contact yesterday. Bottom line is the club has presented Jesses management with a number of contracts. Freo and WCE have both l approached Melbourne about a trade. We have told them to bugger off in no uncertain terms. He did however say that this might be a playing games tactic. Jesses decision will not be based around anything but the go home factor. Club is HOPING and expects to hear something next week. After speaking to him i came away with the feeling that Jesse will be playing for us next year with either a new contract or on the existing one.
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