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  1. Stated incredibly well. Logical and backed up by fact.
  2. Be surprised if Lewis is playing if we do as you say. He was average last year and should be worse with another year under his belt.
  3. Keilty is very lucky to have received an extension, he shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as Petty who will be a champion.
  4. Demons loss? How so? Footscray didn’t want him why should we?
  5. I love this perspective, the top 4 sides last year are overwhelming favourites to decide the premiership. By playing the other 3 twice we hold our destiny in our own hands. Yes we play Richmond off a 4 day break but Richmond has less time than us to recover. We do have 7 interstate games but two of them are of our own making and 3 of the other 5 should be straight forward victories if we are seriously in contention. Love this draw. Also apologies if some of this has already been stated, didn’t have time to read it all.
  6. We get to play two clubs from the top six twice, you have nominated the best 2, we get to play two cubs in the middle 6 twice, again you have picked the best 2 and we get to play one club in the bottom 6 twice, you have picked the best side. If we are to finish high on the ladder using your draw we will have earned it. It is also arguably the best way to get it done. Geelong would not be asking for two soft games heading into the finals again this year.
  7. Who negotiates the ads? They are firmly at the bottom of the Cesspool.
  8. Preuss has to be Tank initials BP BP= Petrol He is 206 and 115 kg = Tank
  9. Time you started supporting the dockers, like Peter you have no idea.
  10. No I’m not but there will be multiple situations where Tom will be used down back other than the last 2 minutes of a 1/4. The coach clearly recognises he is still our best defender and uses him so. I would have a long chat to Goody to find out what his vision is for Tom before he is consigned as a permanent forward. He might have expectations that he can use Tom as his go to man a la Croswell.
  11. Or if we are playing in a prelim final against the Eagles. You , unfortunately have a very short memory span.
  12. After he was told how good Oliver was. He did all that was expected of him but you can be made to look a little foolish if your talent identification people are no good.
  13. I think some posters are getting confused about the differences between the role of Taylor and Mahoney.
  14. May is already, reportedly, on $900000. It will not be about the money. He wants success and will go, for about the same money, to wherever he believes he is more likely to find it.
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