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  1. Max gawn and nibbler are here. As are the injured vfl players Vanders, flipper, white McKenna. Disastrous opening 20 minutes to that quarter, Willy were taking of handed marks, dribbling through goals from 50 out and simply doing as they pleased. A bit of a lift after that from the two Kennedys and Maynard at least makes it semi respectable.
  2. 1 year off qualifying his life membership too!
  3. From the thread title alone, i thought it was the early betting odds for this week's game!
  4. Morris, Kielty Maynard our best for mine so far. Kielty back to the form he showed into the leadin to last year's finals. Bugg also starting to have an impact We've really stopped in this last quarter though
  5. Still no confirmation of this from the club on Pedo, but we'll assume it's announced at a time that suits the club, great news for a very popular clubman. As far as outs at end of season, delistings for mine would be Kennedy, Lumumba, Trengove, Hulett, and from rookie list White. I'd then upgrade Maynard. Which gives us our 3 draft pick minimum. Of the OOC's, ANB is the first priority, followed by Frost and Vince, and Mitch King who's effectively in his first year. The others are all touch and go. Keep the rest of the rookies for 1 more year.
  6. You don't believe our side is young? I always take note of this stat every week in Burgos Round Review, it's been consistently like this all season, here's a snapshot of the last 5 weeks: Experience differential Games: GWS Giants (2467) v Melbourne (2138) Goals: GWS Giants (1417) v Melbourne (1231) Average age: GWS Giants (25 years, 154 days) v Melbourne (25 years, 116 days) Games: North Melbourne (1947) v Melbourne (1193) Goals: North Melbourne (1781) v Melbourne (1103) Average age: North Melbourne (25 years, 71 days) v Melbourne (24 years, 85 days) Games: Port Adelaide (2363) v Melbourne (1759) Goals: Port Adelaide (1691) v Melbourne (1093) Average age: Port Adelaide (25years, 82 days) v Melbourne (24 years, 78 days) Games: Adelaide (2251) v Melbourne (1656) Goals: Adelaide (1855) v Melbourne (1052) Average age: Adelaide (25 years, 215 days) v Melbourne (24 years, 211 days) Games: Carlton (1903) v Melbourne (1644) Goals: Carlton (1114) v Melbourne (1039) Average age: Carlton (24 years, 233 days) v Melbourne (24 years, 180 days) It's not an excuse, but part of the reasoning for our inconsistencies and late season drop-off can be at least partially attributed to the demographic of personnel we put out there each week. Quite simply we're the lesser experienced and younger side every time we run out. Carlton and Brisbane have lost 5 out of the past 5 and 4 out of the past 5 games respectively, Brisbanes win only because they played Carlton. We're miles ahead of these teams.
  7. Mcstay is, ahem, Mcstaying at the Lions for another 2 years, signed a new deal less than a month ago.
  8. First time we've ever won the week after hosting a Darwin game... I specifically watched at the ground who it was that was to be the 7th defender charging into the square at the first bounce and what impact they'd have. It was of course Nibbler, and sure enough he got the first disposal off. Notice that he then also works his way all the way down the ground to be poised to score our first metres from goal if they have allowed the advantage for Tommys free kick. Nibblers workrate is extremely impressive I'm glad he's translating that Casey form that i saw last year into the seniors.
  9. The Sporting Globe has hosted the last two interstate games, Gold Coast and West Coast, and they've been enormous nights there, been to both. It's the next best thing to a social club, as you get to share the euphoria of a win, or the emotional roller coaster of a loss, with like mindeds. The beer selection there is awful (they did have David Neitzs' beer, Brewmanity Social Beast on for the first game but not the 2nd) but members do get 20% off drink prices so that helps parlay the indifferent range.
  10. Every time I've been down to Kardinia Park the last 5 or 6 years the price for a ticket for travelling fans has been at least $50 for lousy seats in a forward pocket. I assume it will only be more extortianate now they have the new works to pay off. (not to mention all of the Government money they somehow also received...) AFL Crowds average attendances for 2017 are: Team Games Total Average Richmond Tigers 13 665,480 51,191 Collingwood Magpies 13 640,351 49,258 Essendon Bombers 13 622,174 47,860 Carlton Blues 13 539,638 41,511 Melbourne Demons 13 536,315 41,255 Hawthorn Hawks 13 487,703 37,516 Adelaide Crows 13 482,369 37,105 Geelong Cats 13 460,108 35,393 Western Bulldogs 13 459,540 35,349 West Coast Eagles 13 444,637 34,203 Sydney Swans 13 444,035 34,157 Fremantle Dockers 13 417,125 32,087 Port Adelaide Power 13 404,155 31,089 St Kilda Saints 13 394,870 30,375 North Melbourne Kangaroos 13 341,379 26,260 Brisbane Lions 13 262,378 20,183 GWS Giants 13 247,404 19,031 Gold Coast Suns 13 183,943 14,149 Looking at those numbers, there's no way Aints or Norf could justify their inflated gate prices. North only in front of the two franchises and the struggling Lions.
  11. Hard to believe its the same player that I saw for the first time play VFL at Vic Park in 2015, back then he looked gangly, ungainly and I barely saw a hint of the blistering pace and ability to take the game on. It was early days then of course, after almost 2 full years of injury wilderness and most of us barely even knowing what he looked like let alone how he played, but he's been a superb win for our recruiting staff and their associated scouting networks... Just love to watch his ilk play, taking the game on and the crowd roaring in anticipation!
  12. A ripping bloke to sit down and have a beer with and talk demons, this is a terribly shocking revelation. RIP Hibby, you'll be sadly missed.
  13. You beat me to the punch here WJ, 3 of the more interesting footy/sport writers gone from the Age in the last 6 months! Add Peter Hanlon to that list sometime last year and Jesse Hogan with his cricket articles due to medical reasons... Wonder if they give Leaping Larry L's column the old heave ho as well, he's about the interesting writer left, albeit in an abbreviated humorous column rather than full blown journalism. At barely 40 pages most days, and an exorbitant cover charge daily, it's getting harder to justify it.
  14. Mitch White is still only a rookie anyway, so that needs to be factored in when discussing in/outs
  15. If, like me, you're over 30, the good news is you would qualify as a "senior" in this Counter-Strike tournament! https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/05/dreamhack-hosts-seniors-competition-for-counter-strike-players-over-30/ Let the good times roll!
  16. Yep this is league wide, here's the whole table, Taylor Walker leads it and he's equal 2nd with Selwood, Gray and Fantasia: http://www.footywire.com/afl/footy/ft_player_rankings?year=2017&rt=LT&st=GA
  17. His form this more has been at a consistently high level, all the more remarkable that he recovered from that hamstring injury in the JLT. Here's our leading goal assists stats for the year, for someone who asked: Rank Player Games Total 2 Christian Petracca 8 11 10 Clayton Oliver 8 8 58 Jeff Garlett 8 5 58 Nathan Jones 8 5 58 Mitchell Hannan 7 5 58 Alex Neal-Bullen 6 5
  18. Not to mention the AFL listed Newton, Terlich, Michie et al. We were regularly racking up 500 disposals last year with all of these plodders who, while not upto it at AFL level, were dominant at VFL level, most of them consistenly getting over 30 possies a week. Add in the fact that last year we had Jake Spencer in the ruck dominating down there every week, Tim Smith consistently clunking marks next to Weideman, occasional cameos from Dawes and the likes of Salem, and the emergence of Joel Smith, and there's a huge void of experience and polish down at Casey this year compared to last. I'm not surprised by their drop off in form at all, remember last year was one of our best years injury wise in a long time
  19. I dont understand the rationale of scheduling all these Casey games at night either. Not only is the lighting barely adequate for a training session, let alone a VFL game, so poor is the visibility over the other side of the ground. It's also significantly colder in the middle of winter at night than during the day, thus more dew and obviously less spectators. I've been a couple of times but doubt I will this year at night so poor is the viewing and the quality of play. Whose decision is it to schedule this many of our home games at night, the league because we are one of the few teams to have lights, or is it a Casey initiative to try and be a bit different? Thanks for the report though Melon22
  20. What's offensive is convicted cheating neanderthals like Ricky Nixon's opinion on Daisy
  21. He's averaging 14 possessions, 4 marks, 20 hitouts and 0.5 goals a game this year. Spencer in his one game has 13 possessions, 4 marks, 15 hitouts and 2 goals a game. If you think these differentials require us tagging him, then you've been sucked in by the Richmond hype train.
  22. Half a BILLION hours wasted watching Sandlers latest Netflix exclusives, apparently! http://www.theverge.com/2017/4/17/15331674/netflix-adam-sandler-movies-half-a-billion-hours
  23. Anyone else catch the end of afl 360 tonight? They had an eye opening interview with our assistant coach Craig Jennings, who in the pre-season after considerable urging went to our club doctor who found a melanoma in between his ear and temple. If he'd procrastinated and put off catching up with the doc any longer it would've spread, so luckily he'll pull through. He's very highy rated throughout the league's coaching circles and its the first time I've ever seen him interviewed. Good luck to him in his recuperation!
  24. A few years ago I got kicked out of the MCG for allegedly swearing in their presence, had as many witnesses around me willing to tell the security guards otherwise, but no they dragged their supervisors down, and was promptly told by them that the employees heard me swear. So they've blatantly lied to their boss, ignored all the witnesses pleas, and kicked me out (We were already 10 goals down to West Coast so I didnt miss much). Needless to say the ineptitude of the Securecorp grunts and their supervisors was farcical, they had no logical thought patterns for assessing the situation, merely as someone has mentioned what they were told on their short mandatory course as preferred action to follow. An polite email the Securecorp early the next week, with a request for explanation of the situation was met with an automated response email, and then I unsurprisingly never heard back from then again. An more underskilled, unprofessional group of employees I've never seen
  25. Except, you know, the top 6 highest rated shows last year were sport, and 9 out of the top 12. For those with Foxtel Satellite, rather than cable connections, there's also restrictions on which of the secondary channels the FTA networks transmit due to bandwidth restrictions, so until recently they couldnt get 7Mate, now they cant get 7Two as a tradeoff.
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