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  1. Goal from jkh after a great pass from Frost. Pretty close to big today Kennedy-Harris his field kicking has been superb hes taken risks by foot all day that have opened up the play
  2. Geez Baker is so frustrating. Can look a million dollars and then his disposal or decision making so often let's him down. Our kicking into the forward 50 was abysmal that half, gave weeds and balic no chance to get into the game.
  3. You must've missed the lace out pass he put to Mitch Lewis earlier. Or the clay game he played last week
  4. Why on earth have we changed all our numbers around all of a sudden?
  5. A very open final quarter and we could only manage behind after behind. Willy took it coast to coast once late and scored a soft cheap goal so they'd be disappointed we didn't put the foot to the throat in that last qtr. Without seeing official stats or bests mine would be Pedo, Jkh and stretch. Of the potential lever replacements they all started slowly but by the end Kielty probably just shaded Frost for his superior workrate in the second half. Not sure either did enough to be honest but there's a slot there if they are deserving of it or not. Until he was concussed late Pedo was easily the most influential man on the ground and they may have even considered bringing him in as a defender, but his head hit the ground hard so he'd have to be in some doubt now. Petty copped the wrath of the coach several times from the box during the game , I don't think they were at all happy with his game and general positioning today. Tyson was industrious but not dominant for mine. Garletts score line flattered him he was very poor again today. Hunt had a bit of it but wasn't influential. Baker was busy but frustrating in that every second good thing he tried to do ended up in a direct turnover, still has to work on his decision making. Weideman after a slow start really was quite busy in the second half. Not enough to get promoted but a promising return. If the young rucks I thought Flip worked very hard today to get involved and ran to a lot of good spots, one of his better efforts. Meese tried to niggle him constantly all day physically but he handled it ok. He shaded King today. Bugg was woeful, more interested in niggle, wasted chip kicks going forward, you'd expect a lot more from him. Smith was ok but just doesn't get involved and use his strengths of leap and agility enough. Johnstone was a bit better in defence than I've seen him as a forward has very precise kicking skills but still like some margin away from making it. Normally reliable Casey small forward Angus Scott was also very poor today The clouds rolled in as did a bit more of a breeze by the end, more like the weather you'd expect at Willy. Good to get a decent sized win but I'm assuming the coaching staff wanted more from this result Edit: I forgot Josh Wagner, thought he was very good off a half back flank today steady and compact with his disposal
  6. Actually Smith back on the ground with head bandaged up good to see
  7. Pedo takes a mark on the wing and Kos the back of his head on landing Sheesh
  8. Joel Smith knocked out in a collision going for the ball bit unlucky there. We're dominating possession this quarter just not converting it to scoreboard pressure
  9. First thing coach mentioned at the huddle was how they've whacked us time and time again today and we've stood up to it. Jkh also got special mention for his efforts
  10. Good quarters from stretch Weids in the tick and Josh Wagner
  11. Rawlings just said in the box that it's not on that they've whacked us 7 times today but at least it's not working. I love being within earshot of the coach
  12. And now balic cops one in the midriff off the ball is doubled over
  13. 50m penalty and goal to Weid as he's whacked in the face after earning a free. Willy definitely going the biff. No 7 defender for them niggly all day
  14. Agreed Frost doing himself no favours to getting selected next week. None of the key defender candidates have done much to state their case.
  15. Seemed to me with a forward line that contains Garlett jkh and Bugg at various times that Willy have been getting the ball out of the backline far too easily that quarter. Pedo has been crashing packs up forward all day but our crumbers have not been taking advantage either. Pretty even contest but we look the better side, just started to get on top that last 10 minutes
  16. Jkh getting a fair bit of it this quarter has been busy. Quigley has been impressive too
  17. Coach singled out special praise for Tyson's work that qtr in the huddle. Pre huddle he asked Goodwin for his thoughts and the first thing Goody mentioned to him was the way the rucks were doing. Looks like the plan is to rotate the 3 of them flip King and Pedo on meese all day to wear him down. Rawlings also made mention of Whirlpool kicks into the forward line with crumbers at 10&2. I'm assuming that's a cluster of talls to congregate 20 out from goal. Balic is playing as an out and out full forward today too btw
  18. Pedo dominating all over the ground. Both he and Frost have both latched onto huge torps. Pedo has 2.2 and balic 1 goal
  19. Oskar Baker just copped a spray from Rawlings who opened the coaches box window and yelled at him to swap opponents. The lack of discernible atmosphere here meant Baker turned and heard the full effect of the message!
  20. Beller of a day at Willy! Sunshine and no wind a rare combination for this ground. Seems the locals are having trouble with the pa no club songs as the teams run out.
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