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  1. same ones that think that Clarry would ever take a dive
  2. is it just me or are a few of the west coast boys been hookin into the kfc a bit much?
  3. Not sure why its so complex. Goodwin rewarded the winning team who beat Collingwood with only a fit Salem coming in at Wagner's expense I reckon Goodwin will reward a winning team again Jones out, Gawn in Dees paying $2.90 Let's crack in!
  4. we got the result that playing 4 quarters of relentless footy brings. we're as good as anyone in the comp if we keep the pedal to the metal now
  5. It was surreal. spent the second half laying back on the couch with my feet up..
  6. One of the things that made me so happy on Monday arvo was our gut running from so many players, Bugg, Harmes, Jones, Watts, Garlett etc etc. When I watched Jack make that incredible run at the end and kick that goal (I'll never forget it), after lots of jumoing around and beers, it made me think of this article. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/melbourne/stinging-criticism-made-cameron-pederson-work-harder/news-story/0513bd33927554d21f594def39aa6978 THERE'S A RUTHLESS CULTURE AT OUR CLUB! I could see the parallels with Pedersen (being told he won't play AFL or VFL unti
  7. brilliant. it's actually one whole sentence! those lady 3 mins really did tell a story. so does "we owe Neale Daniher nothing" uncharitable graceless clowns
  8. collingwood big footy saying our players were inciting their fans. hysterical Melbourne players inciting the crowd | BigFooty https://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/melbourne-players-inciting-the-crowd.1168293/
  9. Viney gave Dunn a great shove when the game was in the bag with 30 seconds to go
  10. whats better than beating the scum by 10 goals?
  11. god we're going to be unbeatable when we string 4 qtrs together. we're doing what good sides do and never let them get away from us even when we're not dominating
  12. I thought Watts was lazy last week but I reckon he's carrying injury / fatigue. I think we forget sometimes how many players are carrying injuries and also how competitve we're staying with so many kpds missing. hope the break lets them mend then bring on the pies and our talls coming back in.
  13. I'd suggest a quick enema at about 4pm on Saturday. better to be safe than sorry .
  14. maybe we need and URP. umpire review panel. 3 xhowlers in one game and theyre suspended
  15. It started when clarry got punched in the head in front of the umps. knocked him down no free. our players stepped in to support him. pretty sure thats what fired it all up. a free kick to clarry would have calmed things down as we wouldnt have wanted it reversed. thats what umps are supposed to do. crap umpiring can often turn up the stink at a game as player frustration grows. they'll talk about the hits but I doubt they'd ever make the connection that umpiring performances can contribute to players having a swing. and yep I know the players are supposed to be professi
  16. watch Jack Watts jog around for the majority of the game.
  17. yep. I saw them having a good old laugh with the Norf players. The club should be sending in a complaint. both Salems and the delliberate calls were gob smacking
  18. we played without Watts last week as well. he has to be dropped due to lack of effort but who do you bring in? with Weeds, Kent and Oscar out there, its left up to the mids to carry us over the line. Too many passengers. another wasted season.
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